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Printed Books
The library contains more than 117169 books in English language, Arabic language and other languages.
There are 914 periodicals of previous issues, 20 of which are periodic papers (subscription and membership) on majors' accreditation in addition to 48 dedicated periodics.
Multimedia Library
The multimedia library contains approximately 5205 items. These items include: CDs, films, cassette tapes, floppy discs and an external USB HDD Drive that contains approximately 1943 E-books.
Sets of donated books include:
  1. Dr. Mohammad Saeed Alnabulsi
  2. Dr. Nusrat Abdel Rahman
  3. Dr. Ihsan Abbas
  4. Dr. Mahmoud Alsamra
  5. Dr. Sherif Al-Alami
  6. Dr. Riad Al-Alami
  7. Dr. Mahmoud Alomyan
  8. Dr. Victor Billeh
  9. Dr. Bilal Al-Jayousi
The library contains theses in pharmacy, media, translation, Arabic language and business administration.
Books of teaching staff
The books authored by the members of teaching staff are shown in glass cabinets.
To search in the library resources, please visit the following link:
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