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Successful administration in any society is the catalyst of its progress and sustainability. It is that which allows it to achieve prosperity and which works to ...
The core mission of the Department of International and Public relations is planning and contributing in building public policies and strategies of the institution ...
The Department of Finance seeks to provide the best financial services for all its clients from students, academic members and foreign entities that ...
Supplies and Procurement Department
This unit is working on coordinating and managing all needed procurements and supplies to all faculties and departments within UOP from national and ..
General Services Department
This includes many departments that guarantee providing all faculties, centers with needed unique services like a green and clean environment as ..

The Office of External Funding for Research Projects (OFFER) is responsible for activities related to external funding for research. The Office is part of ..
The Engineering Bureau has been established in accordance with the vision of the University for the urgent need for developing, updating and adding modern facilities and faculties in ...
The Office of Military Service Affairs is responsible for renewing military service books for UOP students to facilitate registration ...
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