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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
University Calendar for the Academic Year 2021/2022
Spring Semester 2021/2022
Thursday24/2/2022Registration Deadline for old students
Sunday-Saturday27/2-5/3/2022Add/Drop periodA week before the start of classes
Sunday6/3/2022Beginning of study for Spring Semester
Sunday-Thursday6-10/3/2022Enlightenment Week for prospective studentsFirst week of start of classes

Late registration fee for old students

(First Period – 50 Dinars)


First period of withdrawal for Bachelor and Master students

(with loss of 25% of tuition fees)

Second and third weeks (first week from start of classes included in first withdrawal period)

Beginning of late registration fee for old students

(Second Period – 100 Dinars)

Thursday17/3/2022Deadline for submiting thesis proposal and registering thesis hours, along with submitting forms of changing track and appointing a supervisor End of second week of class, with the approval of the Finance Department not to be fined exclusively for this category
Thursday17/3/2022Deadline for reviewing the final grades for Fall Semester 2021/2022End of second week of the following semester
Sunday-Thursday20-31/3/2022Comprehensive Exam date Period between third and fourth weeks
Thursday24/3/2022Deadline for reviewing the final grades for Spring and Summer semesters 2021/2022End of third week of next semester

Second period of withdrawal for Bachelor and Master students

(with loss of 50% of tuition fees)

Fourth and fifth weeks
Monday28/2/2022Remembrance of Isra' and Mi'raj Day.
Sunday-Saturday3-16/4/2022Period during which the first exam is takenFifth and sixth weeks

Period of compulsive withdrawal for Bachelor and Master students

(with loss of 100% of tuition fees)

Between sixth and twelfth weeks (extended until the end of the last teaching day)
Sunday17/4/2022Beginning of early registration for Summer SemesterThird Sunday of April
Sunday17/4/2022Issuance of final exams entry cardCorresponds to start of Summer registration
Thursday28/4/2022Deadline for submitting the forms to form a committee and setting a date for discussing master's thesisOne month before last day of discussions (six weeks before the last teaching day)
Sunday1/5/2022Labor DayHoliday
Monday-Thursday2-5/5/2022Eid Al-FitrHoliday
Sunday-Saturday15-28/5/2022Period during which the second exam is takenEleventh and twelfth weeks
Thursday26/5/2022Deadline for discussing university theses Two weeks before the last day of classes
Wednesday25/5/2022Independence DayHoliday
Thursday9/6/2022Deadline for issuance of final exams entry card
Thursday9/6/2022Deadline for submitting the decisions of discussion committeesLast day of classes
Thursday9/6/2022Last day of study for Spring Semester
Saturday-Saturday11-25/6/2022Final Exams Period
Thursday23/6/2022Deadline for final submission of the university theses to concerned Department after the proposed amendments from discussion committeeLast day for final exams (except Saturday)
Sunday26/6/2022Beginning of students' vacation
Tuesday28/6/2022Deadline for submitting grade results to the Deanship of Admission and Registration and announcing them
Thursday30/6/2022Deadline for reviewing graduates' grades
Sunday3/7/2022Beginning of vacation for Faculty members who do not teach in Summer Semester
Tuesday5/7/2022Deans' council decision to grant degrees and certificates

** Total of study days = (65) days

** Total of final exams' days = (13) days

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