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The Library takes part in a number of other activities including holding training courses, conferences and symposia related to library sciences and data systems.
Library activities include
The development field
  1. Subscribing to Mandumah database of refereed periodicals in Management and Educational Science;
  2. Attending the Third International Conference “Libraries and Cloud Computing in the University of Jordan Library”;
  3. Continuing in making e-indexes available at UOP Library web page;
  4. Posting the full text of UOP students' master theses on UOP web page and Proquest Database;
  5. Organizing a book-reusing fair for UOP students;
  6. Evaluating the findings of “Satisfaction of UOP Library Users with UOP Information Sources and Library Services” questionnaire;
  7. Sending a regular newsletter that contains a list of the new periodicals, books and reports via e-mail.
The training field
  1. Organizing a training workshops for managers of private universities libraries and UOP Library staff on proquest database at UOP Campus (the workshop date was 31/8/2016);
  2. Attending a workshop entitled: “Guide of Quality Assurance Measurement Standards for the Higher Education Institutions”;
  3. Attending a panel discussion at Jordan University entitled “Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Evaluation of Library E-services” (Date of holding panel discussion);
  4. Holding a Training session on Using Proquest Central Database (Training Session Date 3/12/2015);
  5. Holding training courses for students on "How to Search in databases and e-indexes". The total number of lectures was forty-four lectures that were attended by eight hundred and eighty-one students;
  6. Holding training courses for teaching staff to guide them on advance search in databases;
  7. Organizing a training course on “English Speaking Skills” for UOP staff by UOP Center of Academic Development;
  8. Organizing a training course on "Microsoft Office" course by UOP Center of Academic Development;
  9. Organizing "ISO and Strategic Planning" course by UOP Center of Academic Development;
  10. Organizing "Advance Excel" course by UOP Center of Academic Development;
  11. Hosting Mr. Khaled Alsoqi, Oxford Publication Database Representative, to make a presentation on Oxford Database (Date: 18/10/2017);
  12. Organizing an introductory training course on "Elsevier Product" (training course date 22/10/2017; and
  13. Hosting Mr. Salah Menshawi, Mandumah Database Representative, to make a presentation on Mandumah Database for Arabic Theses.
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