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Students are allowed to transfer from another university to the University of Petra provided there are vacancies, and according to the following conditions:
  1. That students fulfill the requirements of admission into the University of Petra – as stated in the Terms of Admission.
  2. That students are transferring from a university or college recognized by the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education.
The Dean of Admissions & Registration shall refer the subjects’ equivalency forms from outside UOP to the concerned Dean of Faculty, and take the following into consideration:
  1. No more than 50% of a major’s credit hours within the study plan shall be equalized.
  2. No subjects that were studied more than: 7 years for science majors and 15 years for humanities majors - prior to date of application for admission, shall be equalized.
  3. One academic semester of the maximum years’ limit for graduation shall be deducted per every (15) credit hours.
  4. For students transferring from universities outside Jordan, no subject below a mark of 60% – regardless of its nature – shall be equalized.
  5. For students transferring from universities within Jordan, no major subjects below a mark of 60% shall be equalized.
  6. These equalized subjects shall receive a (T) mark and will not count in the cumulative average.
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