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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
Dear UOP students,
I am glad that you are studying in this leading university and you provide essential contribution to advancement of our university and prosperity of our country.
UOP teaching staff seek to instill values of commitment in students, encourage them on performing research, acquire critical thinking skills, pay attention to reading and expand their knowledge on a continuous basis.
UOP's mission is to serve local community by organizing social and cultural activities and to prepare qualified and skillful graduates who can bear the responsibility of building and developing our beloved homeland. UOP also seeks to instill values of dialogue, analysis and respect for differing views.
Based on UOP teaching staff role in building students’ abilities and skills, we have developed our curricula and teaching methods to achieve that objective and created ways and means to achieve this end by complying with the following principles:
- Consolidation of dialogue principles;
- Promoting critical and analytical thinking;
- Providing adequate space for young people to express their views;
- Adhering to social values considering technological advancements;
- Presenting and celebrating successful models and success stories to be a motivation for current students.
 I would say to students that UOP, as innovation incubator, will spare no effort to create necessary environment for creativity and innovation. We are proud of your abilities and positive impact you make in the community.
I would say to my students that we greatly need to work in a positive environment and strengthen morale under major crises in the Arab region and world.
We should keep pace with information technology advancements, expand our knowledge, and try new innovations as they are not exclusive to anyone.
Moreover, we should adhere to community and cultural values and seek to improve our skills and capabilities.
Prof. Tayseer Abu Arja
UOP Vice-President
Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communications (FMC)
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