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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
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Universities throughout the world are considered leaders of communities and of the processes of change and modernization so as to ensure social development and progress. They are also considered hubs for freedom of thought and creativity.
The University of Petra (UOP) believes that Man is the catalyst for hope and change so as to elevate the status of a society, in all facets, towards betterment and richness. This belief emanates from an unwavering conviction that Man is the first and foremost active value who is capable of change.
Therefore, UOP invests in creative human development to ensure that its students conduct research that is based on expanded knowledge, both ancient and modern, that enables them to become active resources in a grand procession that can lead them towards lead positions towards reform and change on both national and regional levels.
Human Development Goals are not merely directed towards students, but extend beyond them to cover their professors and those entrusted with their education; they also facilitate the means for providing students with knowledge through all possible ways. For this purpose, UOP connects with other universities and sources of knowledge, both Arab and foreign, to present its students with the tools needed for attaining high levels on the path towards serious scientific research.
The University of Petra is also concerned with promoting learners’ personalities and creating the means for their communication with society in a way that enables the latter to truly benefit from its members’ full potential as it moves forward towards reforming itself.
UOP also believes that language is the source of all knowledge as it is needed to disseminate knowledge to the world, and similarly, that language is void of meaning unless it embodies thought. Therefore, the University, as a bilingual institution, is boundlessly concerned with linguistic development, and ensures its students master their national language, and at least one foreign language, so that they are capable of employing it/them in their scientific and knowledge-based interactions.
The University also caters to students’ betterment and perfection at foreign languages as this is the most effective channel through which all scientific novelties may be fully grasped.
Last, but not least, the University of Petra toils towards instilling the ability of critical thinking in its students by avoiding tutoring and conventional methods of brain cramming that would lead only to forgetfulness. Instead, the University strengthens learners’ personalities in embracing the ability to think for themselves and to employ knowledge in revolutionizing their ways of thinking.
Wishing You Success,
Dr. Adnan Badran
The Chancellor
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