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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
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In the Name of Allah, the Merciful
It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the University of Petra. Since the first day of its establishment, the University's mission has been to provide its students with good education and knowledge, to broaden their experience, to provide them with the tools that allow them to fully realize their capacity and promise, to nurture an environment that promotes scientific research and scholarly work, and to provide opportunity for leadership and innovation that brings with it responsibility, so as to preserve our national and Arab-Islamic values and ideals.
The University of Petra seeks to establish a prestigious position for itself both at the national and regional levels. It focuses, in moving forward, on the present and the future in order to benefit from scientific and technological ideas. Petra education is intended to help students develop their characters and commitment to learning in a university environment that provides opportunities for academic, spiritual, cultural, and professional development.
Universities have been a source of enlightment to members of their communities, pioneering channels of change and paths of progress and development. They have always provided platforms for intellectual freedom. The University of Petra is dedicated to preserving the very task of respect for human endeavor and the wisdom of the ages.
To succeed in the 21st century, UOP graduates need to be highly qualified and steeped in scientific and technological knowledge. The University therefore gives priority to the establishment of dynamic specializations that contribute to students' professional development and which prepare them to compete in the labor markets.
The University of Petra strives to promote innovation, independent thinking, the ability to generate new knowledge, and discovery and creativity in its students.
The University stresses the importance of collaboration with counterpart universities so that faculty members can enhance research and teaching programs.
The University of Petra believes that language and thought are so intertwined that it is impossible to understand one without the other. UOP therefore gives prominence to language development, good command of the native language, and to fluency. In addition, it promotes learning foreign languages and cultures.
As  I think  about   your   future   careers in a world that is changing rapidly, I feel confident that you will possess, as young men and women, the capacity to learn new things.
I hope that you will keep the virtues of character and the good qualities that the University of Petra has endeavoured to instill in you, wishing you all the best. 
With My Best Regards,
The President
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