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To be a hub for pioneering and excellence locally and regionally in providing various student activities and quality student services.
To have a generation of students who enjoy psychological, physical and mental health by improving their abilities and potentials, promoting them to commit to positive values, meeting success requirements for all sport, artistic and social activities and creating a safe environment that supports them in serving their motherland and nation.
To achieve the above mission, the Deanship of Student Affairs seeks to achieve the following objectives:
  1. Organizing sport programs and activities to develop their sport talents and promoting fair competition among them.
  2. Raising cultural and social awareness among students and discussing nation-related issues in cultural, social and artistic programs.
  3. Encouraging students to take part in student activities and various university events aiming at honing their skills and talents.
  4. Promoting student’s entrepreneurship and creativity and increasing positive competition among them.
  5. Supporting outstanding students materially and morally and improving their talents.
  6. Continuing communication with alumni, developing their relations with the university and tracking their achievements.
  7. Refining the character of the students and honing their life skills by holding training courses and workshops in cooperation with external subject-matter experts.
  8. Developing self-censorship and utilizing students’ capabilities and experience in developing beneficial works inside and outside UOP.
  9. Paying attention to the scientific student societies in UOP faculties and reactivating their role.
  10. Promoting students to volunteer and serve their university and local community.
  1. Students are the focus of our attention.
  2. To provide innovative and highest quality student services and activities.
  3. To focus on compliance with good values and ethics.
  4. Creating healthy and safe environment for all students.
  5. Instilling values of positive dialogue and respect for differing views.
  6. Commitment to ethical and social responsibility.
Dean's Message, Prof. Eyad Mallah
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