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Welcome to the Community Service link.. Your visit shows a wonderfully warm and caring personality

An orphan might think of you as a father … An elderly person as a source of support … And a beggar as a source of relief

An Overview:

Given the great benefit of volunteering and community service to individuals, groups and the nation, especially among youths, the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research approved in 2018 the addition of “Volunteer work and community service" course as a graduation requirement for all bachelor programmes at Jordanian universities – and this applies on all university students admitted starting from the academic year 2018/2019.

How to register for the volunteer work and community service course?

  1. As a leading institution that seeks to adopt productive and innovative ideas, University of Petra has added and put into effect the new course to all university's academic programmes. The following is a description of what you have to do as a student to pass this requirement:

  2. The volunteer work and community service course is a Zero-credit hour requirement. After registering for the course, a student can pass by completing 20 hours of community service, otherwise he/she fails the course. In case of failing the course, there will be no financial consequences on the part of the student and he/she has to retake the course in the upcoming semesters.

  3. A student has to register for the volunteer work and community service course as part of his/her academic programme and get a volunteer work form from the Deanship of Admission and Registration. All students has to join the Facebook page ( to receive updated information about new chances offered of voluntary work.

  4. When completing any volunteer work (a student can work with more than one institution), the student must obtain a signed letter form the supervisor in the institution, where he/she completed the volunteering, stating that the student has successfully completed his/her volunteering tasks (it is essential to specify in the letter the number of volunteer hours completed).

  5. The letter obtained must be submitted to the student's academic supervisor at the university, who has to approve and sign that letter and has to fill in the volunteer work form with the hours completed.

  6. It is possible to register for the course before or after completing the volunteer work with the condition of submitting supporting evidence of completing that work. In such a case, the order of the steps mentioned is not obligatory.

  7. - After completing 20 hours of volunteer work, filling the form in and having it signed by the academic supervisor, the student has to submit the form to the Deanship of Admission and Registration. Thus, the student will receive a result of “pass".

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