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The Deanship of Admission and Registration is responsible for admittance and registration of new students and providing them with the principles of admission and registration instructions. Students who passed the secondary examination review the Deanship to be enrolled in the university and review it to receive their certificates when they complete the requirements for awarding the degree. The Deanship consists of three departments, namely: Department of Admissions, Department of Registration and Department of Documentation. The functions of each department are detailed below:
Admissions Department
  1. Receiving and admittance of new students according to the applicable regulations Bachelor's Master's degrees.
  2. Responding to inquiries on admissions via phone, fax, and email.
  3. Checking new students’ files and entering their data to computer system.
  4. Supplying faculties with the certificates of foreign equivalency certificate of new students.
  5. Following-up students’ academic procedures, including Postponement, Dropout, Withdrawal, Changing Major, Transfer, etc...).
  6. Following-up the implementation of the agreements concluded with University Services Offices.
  7. Following-up the capacity of all university majors.
  8. Preparing statistics on students’ admissions.
  9. Following-up and implementing the regulations of awarding Bachelor and Master Degrees.
    Admissions Dept. ext. # (5010).
Registration Department
  1. Preparing courses' schedules and final examinations schedules and controlling and distributing classrooms.
  2. Organizing and implementing registration, adding and dropping of courses.
  3. Receiving, reviewing and entering final examinations' scores to results' system.
  4. Announcing the results of examinations and calculating semester and cumulative averages.
  5. Following-up and implementing study plans for all majors.
  6. Preparing lists of high-performing students, students who received warnings and dismissed students.
  7. Preparing lists of students expected to graduate and lists of graduates at the end of each semester.
  8. Preparing statistics on courses registered by students.
  9. Following-up and implementing regulations of awarding Bachelor and Master Degrees.
    Registration Dept. ext. # (5020).
Documentation Department
  1. Keeping all forms of documents, including: Courses' schedules, transcripts, students' theses, certificates, etc...) in students’ files duly.
  2. Providing the webmaster with all contents and news reports on the Deanship's activities and developments.
  3. Following-up and implementing regulations of awarding Bachelor and Master Degrees.
    Documentation Dept. ext. # (5030).
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