A Bridge Towards Knowledge

A.   Forms of Admission Department:

1. Admission Form

2. Application Form​​​

3. Deferral of Study Form

4. Change of Major Form

5. University Withdrawal Form

6. Student Re-Enrollment Form at the University​

B.   Forms of Registration Department:

1. Certificate Issuing Form – Official Document

2. Form of Study Courses at other institution – Bachelor

3. Graduation Clearance Form

4. Graduation Form

5. Final Examination Postponement Form

6. Grade Review Request Form

7. Alternative Course Equivalency Form – Bachelor

8. Call Form

9. Similar Course Equivalency Form​

10. Dismissal Form

11. Grade Completion Form

12. Class Schedule Adjustement Form

13. Course Equivalency Evaluation Request Form

14. Bachelor's Degree Equivalency Form

C.   Postgraduates Forms:

1. Form of Studying Courses at Other Institution – Postgraduate

2. Alternative Course Equivalency Form – Postgraduate

3. Request to Change Master’s Thesis Track Form  Comprehensive or Vice Versa

4. Form of Supervisor Appointment and Thesis Approval

5. Comprehensive Exam Approval Form

6. Form of Changing the Supervisor – Thesis Track

7. Form of Amending the Title of a Master Thesis

8. Master Thesis Plan Form

9. Form of Compliance with Universities Regulations – Thesis Track

10. Approval Form to Defend Master’s Thesis

11. Recommendation to grant a Master’s Degree – Thesis Track

12. Form of Delivering the Master Thesis to the Library

13. Form of Copyright Transfer of Master Thesis​​​​

14. Course Equivalency Evaluation Request Form

15. Master's Degree Equivalency Form

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