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The Faculty of Pharmacy is a dynamic and growing faculty which was established in the academic year (1991). It offers three academic programmes: Two undergraduate academic programmes (the BSc in Pharmacy, and the BSc in Clinical Nutrition) and one graduate programme (the MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences).

Students majoring in Pharmacy is a professional specialized programme which provides an essential foundation for producing effective and qualified Pharmacist. The programme includes an adequate number of courses in medicinal chemistry, phytochemistry, pharmaceutical industry, pharmacology, clinical pharmacy, pathology and immunology, pharmaceutical marketing and drug economics, training and pharmaceutical practice.

The Faculty of Pharmacy started its MSc programme in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2007.

Achieve excellence and innovation in the field of Pharmacy, so that the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical sciences would have a prestigious position on the national and international levels, and to pioneer in the development of scientific research and to achieve optimal partnership with the community.

  • We aspire to give graduates a well-thought-out and balanced knowledge, and to instill in them ethical responsibility in relation to health care professions.

  • Provide graduates with information and technical skills required to meet the pharmaceutical related needs in both the public and private sectors.

  • We aspire to have the faculty become a research based- teaching center, that focuses on cooperation between the pharmaceutical sciences, the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Instilling commitment to life-long learning, so that graduates can have a competitive advantage in the Job-Market and in community service.

  • Recruiting and hiring qualified academic members who can excel in teaching and scientific research.
  • Deliver curricula that promote analytical and critical thinking, ability for decision-making, curiosity, and collaboration among different healthcare professionals, in addition to encouraging community service.
  • Provide students with education that qualifies and equips them with all of the necessary professional skills.
  • Establish and enhance educational and professional collaborations.
  • Provide the most advanced and cutting-edge research facilities.

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Faculty Dean's Message, Prof. Riad Awad

Faculty Dean
The Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences at University of Petra was established almost 20 years ago with a staff members of not more than ...
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