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Registration Procedures for New Students:

1.Students are to fill out admission applications at the Deanship of Admissions and Registration and choose the major they wish to study in accordance to the available seats. The applications and accompanying admission documents must then be handed the admissions employee at the Deanship.

2. The Head of Admissions department shall then verify all documents and that they have been duly certified.
(MA students’ applications shall be presented to the Graduate Studies’ Committee in each Faculty so that students may be chosen competitively and according to the available seats).

3.Students are admitted and given university numbers.

4.Students are given (4) Admission Notices: 

  • For Finance Department (for paying of dues).
  • For Finance Department (for paying of dues).
  • For UOP Health Clinic (for registering and receiving health services).
  • For the Library (for using its services).
  • For the Computer Center (for receiving student IT password).For the Computer Center (for receiving student IT password).

5. Students are handed the Student Guide that contains UOP’s bylaws.

6. Students then pay their dues at the Finance Department.

7. Students obtain their registration forms from the Deanship of Admissions and Registration or from the Faculty they were admitted in. They then refer to the (Academic Advisor, Head of Department, Dean) to choose the classes they wish to register. They then go to the Deanship to fix their study schedules electronically and receive a copy thereof that includes titles and numbers of registered subjects, as well as numbers of halls and timings.

8. Students then receive their ID cards from the Deanship (valid for one semester at a time).

9. Students then reserve their seats for the placement tests (Arabic, English, IT) via UOP’s website or through an employee at the Deanship, and sit for the tests as allocated. If students do not sit for the placement tests during their first year of admission, they are given a Fail mark and must register for three remedial subjects.

10. Non-Jordanian students must report to the Deanship of Student Affairs to complete their residency procedures and to receive a “Proof of Student” document issued by the Deanship of Admissions and Registration, as well as a copy of their passports.
* Students must view the regulations for awarding the BA and MA degrees at the University of Petra which are in the Student Guide.

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