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Grants for Excelling in High School General Examination:
In order for new students to be considered for this grant, they must be holders of either the Jordanian or the Palestinian General Examination Certificate, and of either Jordanian or Palestinian nationality.
  • Newly enrolled students who fulfill the clause above are granted an academic fees’ only grant as per the following:
a. Faculties of Pharmacy & Medical Sciences, Faculty of Architecture & Design
High School Avg.
Awarded Grant
90% - <95%
b. All other Faculties
High School Avg.
Awarded Grant
90 - <95%
85% - <90%
  • The grant shall cover an entire academic year, including the summer semester.
  • Students’ performance shall be evaluated after the end of this period and shall afterwards be subject to the terms of academic excellence grants at UOP.
Academic Excellence Grants:
The University presents students who excel academically with an academic fees’ specific grant for the semester following that in which they have achieved the terms for such grant. The allocation of the grant is as follows:
Cumulative Avg. 4.00pts
Academic Fees’ Grant
3.89 +
3.67 – 3.88
  • Students being awarded the Academic Excellence Grant for the first time must have passed (30) credit hours from among their study plans at UOP and achieved a minimum cumulative average of (3.67), provided they adhere to the minimum allowable registered credit hours per regular semester.
  • The Academic Excellence Grant shall continue for the subsequent semesters provided a minimum of (12) credit hours per regular semester are passed, and (6) for the summer semester. These subject must be within students’ study plans and among those through which their cumulative averages are calculated; this is in addition to achieving a cumulative average of no less than (3.67).
Notwithstanding clauses 1 & 2 above, students reception of academic grant is on the sole basis that they have not received any disciplinary remand of a warning or more severe.
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