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Coach Dr. Adnan Hamad Delivers Lecture on "FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™" at UOP



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The UOP Club Lounge has hosted the National Football Team Manager Coach Dr. Adnan Hamad in a lecture addressing "FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™" as well as the latest preparations by the Jordanian National Football Team for the upcoming competitions.

Dr. Hamad presented a number of statistics and wins of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ and discussed the preparations of the national football team aspiring to achieve further accomplishments in the upcoming period.

The lecture was attended by UOP President Prof. Rami Abdel-Rahem, UOP teaching staff members, UOP administrative staff members, UOP student, and UOP guests, including the journalist Mohammad Hasan, Dr. Zeyad Irmaili, and Mohammad Al-Dasouqi.​