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Petra University President calls for an educational speech to develop the skills and attitudes toward creativity





Dr. Adnan Badran, President of the University of Jordan 's Petra we need a modern educational speech , from which develop the skills and attitudes toward creativity . There is the capacity of creative among students , we discovered and custody of their development, as that creativity is the way towards educational system product , contribute to building a knowledge-based economy , calling for the restructuring of education, and institutions concerned with the development of thought ; such as family , school and community comrades and education parallel and the university , pointing out that the real wealth of a nation lies in the development of human resources , through the development of real mental capacity , and production of thinking , they are sustainable wealth which we استنباتها to the nation above the ground , while the natural wealth that underground run dry with the passage of time .
He also stressed during a lecture at the Jubilee School , entitled: "The school tool change toward creativity " attended by professors and students of the school, we need to re- manufacture the school, and its role as an incubator President , for the development of cognitive skills and intelligence, and the formulation of the student's personality balanced respects behavioral , ethical , spiritual, and cultural , artistic , sporting, and self-reliance , and respect for the diversity of races, religions, creeds, and differences of opinion, and to maximize the mosques, and respect for differences , and out of the formula educational traditional -based curriculum and a school and a teacher of classics.
He added. Badran in his lecture that we have to move on grade of indoctrination , which imposes conservation student without thinking critically , analyzing, and conclusion , and devising solutions , honed intelligence, and build creative thought , and build Queen question the pupil to reach the truth , we have to move on to the interactive debate and learning built , e-learning , and here it must be continuous training of teachers, and raising through the techniques of modern learning , to move grade to the workshop brainstorming , the activity of mental composite and meaningful , head student from which to desire strong in the search for solutions , and the consolidation of recent systematic has, in thought process in an orderly fashion , and rational , and the bombing of the potential he has to shave in the orbits of new knowledge , and can configure sound trends and concepts , and building skills and ideas .
 Turning Badran in his lecture to the major challenges facing education in the present age , Kalthullac which have become a pressure on educational systems , to meet the basic needs in a world of constant change, Ctotin knowledge, and the introduction of economy of knowledge , which depends on human capital, he set about leadership and creativity, and the revolution in information and communication technology , biotechnology , genetic engineering , and nanotechnology.