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Petra University, Top University In Quality Assurance



جامعة البترا شهادة ضمان الجودة فيسبوك

جامعة البترا شهادة ضمان الجودة فيسبوك
Petra University, the first institution that obtained the Quality Assurance Certificate from the Higher Education Accreditation Commission in Jordan
The University of Petra has achieved a new milestone in obtaining the Quality Assurance Certificate from the Higher Education Accreditation Commission in Jordan. The university is now regarded as the first institution in Jordan that received the Certificate.
The Expert Committee who visited the university and examined all the indicators and evidence on the extent to the university’s quality standards, has shown a very high level of compliance with certified quality standards which confirmed the extent of the progress made by the university in various fields, including quality.
This certificate reflects the Higher Education Quality Standards in Jordan, which are in line with international standards whether they are related to the inputs or outputs of the learning process. It included the twelve standards of which the most important were the academic programs offered by the university, the available student services, the social service, the institutional integrity and the scientific research and innovation.
The importance of this Certificate stems from being one of the crucial evidence in providing the University of Petra with high quality learning environment based on the latest teaching methods. With outstanding qualifications, it supplies the local and regional society with distinguished graduates.
This step comes from a series of strategic objectives by which the university is seeking to achieve. This include obtaining international accreditations for all programs and specializations, which will enhance its position on the local and regional level as a leading educational research institution.