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Petra University hosts the Jordanian Olympics Chemical Events on campus




Petra University, sponsored by the President of the University Dr. Marwan Muwalla, has hosted the fourth Jordan Olympics Events organized by the Jordanian Chemical Society with the participation of 125 students, accompanied by 87 supervisors from various public and private Secondary schools. This forms an important link in terms of diffusing the chemical culture among Secondary school students and promoting their creative energies in their field.
At the beginning of the ceremony, Dr. Abeer Al Bawwab, the President of the Jordanian Chemical Society, has provided an overview of the Society, stating that she came to strengthen the intraregional relations for Jordanian chemists from one hand and their relations with their Arab friends from the other. She also aimed to define the community of the role of chemistry in the development of scientific and industrial societies, support chemical scientific research and provide scientific and technical advices in the field of Chemistry. Moreover, she emphasized the activities of the Society presented in the periodical meetings, the cultural seasons, the building of capacity through training, holding workshops from time to time and chemical awareness for the society, as well as strengthening social relations. She showed that these Olympics aim at developing chemical skills among school students, promoting the concept of chemistry in human life, strengthening the relation between chemists themselves, institutions and science centers, in addition to defining the role of chemistry in the development of society in various fields and contributing to the support of scientific research in the field of chemistry.
In his speech at the closing ceremony, Dr. Sultan Abu-Orabi, the Secretary General of the Association of Arab Universities, has reviewed the importance of chemistry in different aspects of life. He noted that chemistry is the most important pillars of basic science and the scientific progress that humankind has experienced what it was to be if not for the contribution of the discoveries achieved in chemistry. We hear and see almost new discoveries daily and the manufacture of prescription drugs based on the ability of Chemistry in Engineering and the formation of particles. Industries based on chemistry are almost incalculable especially in petroleum derivatives and plastics that contributed to the preservation of human resources through the creation of alternative raw materials used in industry such as woods and metals. He explained that this competition is an opportunity that gives way for students to develop scientific skills in Chemistry.
Al-Wisam Al-Dhahabi School won first place in the Olympic Tournament. Al-Ittihad Secondary Schools for Boys won second place. Tomader Bint Omar Secondary School won third place.