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General safety and evacuation of one of the buildings at the University of Petra




 The Committee of Public Safety at the University of Petra has conducted a successful evacuation of one of the main buildings on campus as a test for public safety, administering first aid to those injured and responding to crises and emergencies in order to prepare, anticipate or deal with them if they occur, (“God Forbids”). All of the occupants of the building were evacuated within two minutes. That has demonstrated a quick, effective and safe conduct for exiting the building and a quick response in extinguishing appliances, lights, and others.
The operation was characterized by Mr. Saleh Hamdan, the Chairman of the Committee of Public Safety and Mr. Bassam Zoubi, the Public Safety Supervisor as calm, with no confusion and risks making it more successful.        
The decision of Committee of Public Safety at the University has shown that it is necessary to have such a clear and easy plan for the evacuation during the fire drill by training all employees. This has been done already. After that, the analysis, the evaluation of the committee’s performance as well as the crisis management and the errors that occurred to stand on shortcomings and the benefit of what may appear to put problems of urgent solutions to avoid them in the future is reviewed.
The greatest burden to ensure the protection of staff at the university is located on the burden of the Committee of Public Safety at the university. In case of emergency and taking all the necessary precautions to ensure safety, reassurance, stability and security for the staff, a set of instructions and guidelines is carried out to ensure the success of the evacuation in an emergency.