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"Livable Passive Intelligent City,": A UK-Jordan Researcher Links Workshop at the University of Petra, Jordan




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The University of Petra hosted a four-day workshop entitled "Livable Passive Intelligent City," which took place from November 14 to November 17, 2021.

This workshop comes within the framework of the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the University of Petra, which was awarded a British Council grant / Newton-Khaldi through collaboration between Dr. Shatha Malhis of the University of Petra in Jordan and Dr. Poorang Piroozfar of the University of Brighton in the United Kingdom, with the goal of establishing links between more than 40 participating researchers from the United Kingdom and Jordan, and to consolidate the bonds of research work between them in their various research institutions and partner universities in the topics concerned with the study of smart cities.

The workshop included seven sessions: the intellectual dimension in the comprehensiveness of cities; the specificity of spatial design and architecture in Jordan and its experience in the field of sustainable cities; smart building facades; insulation materials; digital architecture technologies and techniques and their applications in sustainable cities; zero-carbon buildings; and the impact of carbon on cities, and the global efforts to reach a clean and green future.

The workshop included researchers from 12 Jordanian universities, 5 British universities, 7 specialized engineering offices, one research center, and the BBC-London office, as well as a number of participants who joined remotely from the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Iran, England, and the United States of America. Dr. Amer Al-Jokhadar, Head of the Department of Architecture at the University of Petra, managed the workshop, which was organized with the help of a Jordanian research team that included Dr. Saba Alnusairat, Arch. Yasmine Soudi, and Arch. Neamat Al-Dissi, and Arch. Dina Al-Saadi.

The workshop is part of a series of research projects that were conducted in Faculty of Architecture and Design at Petra University, as the College encourages international cooperation. Past joint projects include student workshops and research endeavors with institutions and universities such as Ifpu, GIZ, Sheffield, London, Oxford, Reading, Berlin among others.