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UOP President Participates in a Parliamentary Committee Meeting on Criteria for Selecting Boards of Trustees




The President of the University of Petra, Prof. Rami Abdel-Rahim, participated in a meeting convened by the Education and Youth Committee of the Jordanian Parliament to discuss the basis and criteria for the selection of trustees to university boards, as well as the manner of following up and implementing the university's annual and strategic plan and evaluating the performance of the university and its leaders in academic, administrative and financial aspects.

Abdel-Rahim said that boards of trustees are formed in accordance with the Law of Jordanian Universities, but there must be criteria for selecting members, such that academics who are selected should have the capacity to support the university in areas of difficulty. A university with financial troubles could benefit from professors in economics, and those with limited computer resources need the services of academics in computer sciences.

The speakers touched on the financial deficit in universities, calling on the members of the House of Representatives to convey their demands to competent authorities.