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UOP President Sponsors Graduation of Media Course for Vision-Impaired Persons

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The President of the University of Petra (UOP), Prof. Rami Abdel-Rahem, has patronized the graduation of 14 vision-impaired trainees at the closure of "Preparing and Presenting Radio and Television Programs" and honored the trainers who provided the training course free of charge.

The Cultural Center of Blind People (CCBP) and CECSC-UOP have cooperated to organize the course at UOP Studio.

Prof. Abdel Raheem said: "I congratulate you on obtaining the certificate of this first-ever training course in the Middle East, in the hope that this course has provided you with useful information". Prof. Abdel-Rahem added: "UOP seeks to create a well-equipped educational environment for the people with special needs to support them in acquiring necessary study skills and using technology optimally.

Prof. Abdel-Rahem added: "I appreciate the efforts of the volunteer trainers, namely: Eman Zaza for providing the component "preparing for radio and television programs", Randa Azar from Roya Channel for providing the component "presenting talk shows", CCBP President Suhair Abdelkader for providing the component "presenting radio programs", Zuhair Abdelkader from DW for providing the component "presenting the radio programs", Amer Alrjoub from Al-Mamlakah Channel for providing the component "television presentation", as well as Nedaa Joudeh.

CECSC-UOP Director Mr. Saa'd Mughrabi said: "The four-week course (20 training hours) was organized jointly by CECSC and CCBP and attended by seventeen blinded trainees specializing in various disciplines".

Mr. Mughrabi said: "I deeply appreciate the efforts exerted by the volunteer journalists as part of their duty to serve this segment, where UOP has provided the studio and means of transport for all trainees in all days of the course".

CCBP President Suhair Abdelkader said: "The course is the first-ever in the middle east in qualifying vision-impaired presenters of the radio and television programs thanks to provision of the studio and logistic services by UOP in partnership with the civil society entities and the efforts made by the volunteer trainers".