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Arab Call (1)

(Enough Killing And Destruction And Let’s Have Debate And Reconciliation)
The Arab states are facing an unprecedented times marked by internal conflicts, civil wars, regional and sectarian disputes, and the eruption of waves of extremism and terrorism. Furthermore, several states are on the brink of breakdown and fragmentation. This is accompanied by killing thousands of innocent victims, destroying utilities, institutions and achievements, and going back hundreds of years. Besides, all this aggravates poverty, unemployment, emigration and exodus because of instability, interest overlapping in international policies, the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and its negative consequences in the region, and depriving the Palestinian people of establishing their independent state on their national lands.
Therefore, there is no way except exerting efforts at all levels and directions to stop self-destruction, bloodshed, external interference, then catch one’s breath to start rebuilding. This needs from all to support this call extended to all inside and outside citizens. It is a call that does not hide any special political, beneficial or sectarian aims. It has no purpose other than putting an end to bloodshed, deterioration and coming back to start rebuilding along the following framework:
  1. Forming a pressing public movement under the motto ”Enough killing and destruction and let’s have debate and reconciliation” in which all categories, groups, sects, religions, nationalistic groups, individuals, parties, civil society organizations and parliaments participate”.
  2. Making use of all peaceful communication and expression media including social communication networks, marches, telegrams, writings, speeches and dialogues to persuade the largest possible number of people to support this approach and push all conflicting parties to stop violence and destruction and look for understanding and agreement.
  3. Inviting all national parties that have noticeable influence in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and any other country to stop all kinds of fighting with the aim of finding a solution to the crisis on the basis of agreement and consent not subjugation and invalidation of others.
  4. Because every human being has the complete right to lead an honorable life, to freedom and citizenship, participation, security, equality, stability and development without any religious, ethnic or sectarian discrimination, we , the undersigned, hereby will work to bring viewpoints closer and mediate between the parties to sit at a negotiation table. We emphasize that we do not have any kind of agenda except coming up with a means to put an end to fighting, violence and cast away fanaticism, terrorism and reach a lasting condition based on participation , citizenship, law and future building.