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Architecture Students from Petra University win International Award

Tamayouz Excellence Award announced The final results of the winners of the ninth cycle of its Iraqi Graduation Projects Award 2020, there were 139 entries for either Iraqi universities or Iraqi students abroad. Petra University students won the first prize, and an honorable mention, testifying to the high quality of the submissions. Petra is the only university in Jordan to have won this year.
Laila Al-Azzawi won the first prize, supervised by Arch. Yasmine Soudi. For her project: Behind the Theater. The project is a visitor center that represents the culture and tourism for the people of Jabal Al Joufa in particular and the people of Jordan in general in an attempt to spread the tourism from the city centre to the top of the mountain in addition to emphasizing on an important landmark in Amman -The Roman Theatre- that can be also used to move around the site as well as a social hub. The location is very important as it’s surrounded my many historical areas which were one of the reasons for the site selection; it is located on top of the roman theatre and is made up of two lands that are cantered by Bait AlSha'r. The project aims to revive the ancient function by emphasizing on the cultural side of the house.
Each level has a unique function that resulted in a variety of exhibitions that are in chronological order for example a Jabal Al Qala’a Exhibition, The Roman Theatre Exhibition, Amman Massing Exhibition, and Amman River Exhibition. In order to connect the people of jabal Al Joufa to the project there was an addition of a functional workshop and a flea market for the people to work and sell goods so they can benefit off the project.
An Honorable mention was given to Toqa Alwan, supervised by Dr Hadeer Merza. Her project addressed an important street in Baghdad. Al Mutanabbi Street was viewed as a focal point of Iraqi culture over the course of the centuries. A street filled with bookstores and outdoor book stalls. It was named after the 10th-century classical Iraqi poet AlMutanabbi. This street is well established for bookselling and has often been referred to as the heart and soul of Baghdad’s literacy and intellectual community. The history of the street goes back to the time of the Abbasids. It was the site of the first book traders' market in the metropolis that was Baghdad.
The main idea of this project is to shed the light on the journey of knowledge throughout history. Each part is used as a symbol of a single phase that knowledge runs through in -order to be shared around the world. Starting out with the learning part (which is searching and reading), which transforms into sharing and receiving that knowledge. Also pointing out how travelling through land and sea played a huge role in helping knowledge to spread around the globe and finally changing the perspective on how we preserve the world around us. The main 3 attractions for visiting Al Mutanabbi Street are buying books, setting in coffee shops and joining events by the river. The designed experience was made in order to merge these three attractions.
Based in the UK, TAMAYOUZ EXCELLENCE AWARD is an international annual competition that offer several awards and completions that are judged by distinguished panel of international experts.