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The University aspires to provide Students’ Councils with a decisive role in the academic activities and student’s viewpoints and issues


To establish a democratic environment and the culture of elections, the Deanship of Students’ Affairs and Students’ Services Department organize elections of students’ councils and committees in March of every year


Any student has the right to run for elections, provided he/she fulfills the following conditions:


  1. To be a student in the college which he/she nominates himself for.


  2. To have a cumulative average no less than 2.00.


  3. To have studied for two semesters with 30 credit hours.


  4. Not to have been subject to any punitive action.


  5. To have at least one academic year left in his/her university program.


Students are allowed to post their nomination announcements in their colleges and within the University campus through election banners.


The elections will result in five student societies, one for every college. The most important of the societies’ goals are:


  1. To promote the academic activities of the college student body, and to relay students’ viewpoints, problems and suggestions to the University or college authorities.


  2. To promote students’ hobbies and skills in their respective colleges.


The student's societies act as a conduit between the students and the University.


Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon

Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon
Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon
On behalf of the deanship of students’ affairs, I am pleased to welcome fresher students who opted for the University of Petra to be the gateway for a bright future equipped with skills ..
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