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The Deanship of Student Affairs offers employment opportunities for university students as well as study. Vacancies available at the university faculties and administrative and service departments are advertised by the Dean of Student Affairs at the beginning of each semester according to the plan approved by the Deans' Council. And the tasks entrusted to them during the semester to the Dean of Student Affairs signed by the requesting party and the Dean of the College or the Director of the Department concerned, where the Office of Career Guidance Deanship of Student Affairs to follow the operation of students in colleges and administrative departments and Periodic reports at the end of each semester to the Dean of Students Affairs include the names of the students, the number of work hours worked by each student in the class and the total number of work hours during the period of study at the university.
It is necessary to obtain employment opportunities at the university in return for a financial reward as follows:
  1. The student must have completed at least 30 credit hours within the university.
  2. The cumulative average is not less than (2:00) points.
  3. He should not have been subjected to disciplinary punishment of a degree of warning or more.
  4. Priority shall be given to the operation of the financially incompetent student. The Dean or the head of the concerned department shall be allowed to assess the financial situation of the student.
  5. Working hours during the semester are set at two hours a day, with a maximum of (40) hours per month and a rate of two dinars for each working hour.
  6. The student who wishes to work must fill out the employment form approved by the Dean or the relevant department director, who in turn is assigned to the Dean of Student Affairs with the names of the candidates.
  7. Students are not allowed to work for more than (240) two hundred and forty working hours during their studies at the university except in the absence of students who wish to fill vacancies that are not occupied.
  8. In exceptional cases, the President of the University may, by written recommendation from the Dean or the Director of the relevant department, lift the ceilings.
  9. The Deanship of Student Affairs shall submit the monthly statements to the Finance Department after being approved by the deans, the directors of the competent departments and the employment office at the Deanship of Student Affairs, indicating the name of the student and the number of work hours during the month to approve the payment of the bonuses.
Dean's Message, Prof. Eyad Mallah
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