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The office builds the capacity of students and their skills before entering the labor market, and buildspersonal student able to self-understanding and able to communicate with others through the quality of specialized courses, community service, extracurricular activities and volunteerism, and youth forums andposts social and micro operating system side, on the other hand The Office is the definition of the student with a future for his career through workshops on how to prepare a CV and how to go job interviews and how to translate his knowledge and his academic knowledge and expertise accumulated by the university in his career, and the Office provides to students meeting the employers through the Job Fair and Career Day, which held annually for training institutions with a view to employment, access to expertise required to meet the needs of the labor market.

By this the office role will be communicating the student s to the government institutions, businesses and local civil society organizations.



  •  Provide a database of labor market needs of human resources.
  •  To consolidate the work values and behaviors.
  •  Assist students in securing permanent jobs after graduation or during the interim stage of  university education (Part Time Jobs) 
  •  Open channels of communication between the student community and governmental  institutions, businesses and local civil society organizations.

Services provided by the Bureau: 

  • Establishment of Carrier days and meetings between the students expected to graduate and the employers of different organizations, companies and other bodies of public and private sector s. 
  • Training students in vocational skills through specialized courses contribute to the quality of theirpersonal information and how to choose their carrier through self-evaluation and measurement of social intelligence and emotional, which helps to know the professional orientation.

There are a number of courses presented by the Office like: 

  • Creative thinking skills 
  • Success Skills 
  • How to deal with the pressures of work and life 
  • Work ethics and communication skills 
  • The skills of marketing and promotion and customer service 
  • Leadership skills and responsibility 
  • Managing small businesses 
  • Cycle company 
  • Excellent skills in preparing a CV and conduct job interviews 
  • Specialized computer courses such as (ICDL) and (NETWORK ADMINISTRATION)
  • Holding of training programs for university students to join the labor market through an  agreement with some companies in the local community in order to train students in different  institutions in order to qualify them to work before graduation.
  • Support the students graduation projects that are creative and innovative, to breathe the  spirit of excellence, creativity and provide the necessary material support for research  projects for students expected to graduate and support them based on the principles and  criteria taken into account by the creators and distinguished graduation projects through  coordination with the King Abdullah II Center for Excellence. 
  • Help students develop their own abilities in line with the requirements of the labor market  through participation in the establishment of youth forums and diverse characteristics of  university students through the various bodies in the community such as, (Injaz) program to  create economic opportunities for young people, and will, and Business Development Center  (Maharat Program), and the King Abdullah II Center for Excellence. 
  • Advising that benefit the student in his career in coordination with the Centers for  continuing  Education (with respect to scholarships and study abroad).

Of the most prominent achievements of the Bureau of Rehabilitation Career: 

  • Career days held on campus each year and there were large and district responses of  companies and institutions in order to meet the training and employment of graduates and  university students expected to graduate (activity and jobs after graduation)
  • Establishment of a company founded by students. It is a private company with an  independent capital and it is name is (SMART IDEA), which specializes in the design and    production of equipment and home appliances and office safer and more unique and useful.  One of the inventions was a multi-use chair that was used as a chair and a ladder at the  same time. - Winning the first place in leadership projects in youth leadership contest  between public and private Jordanian universities by the attended students who are either  volunteers or registers into the Bureau activities. - Continually holding training courses in the  following fields (communication, success, leadership, work ethics, to think econicamally,  small enterprise management, and thinking skills and creativity) and other courses and to  give certificates to support the students who participated.- Training of students expected  to graduate each semester on the skills of preparing a CV and conduct job interviews with  companies in both Arabic and English, through workshops and specific niche. - The  nomination and support projects go out to university students from various disciplines in the  King Abdullah II Center for Excellence and Development upon the recommendation of the  Bureau. 
  • Employing 23 students within the various centers and colleges within the operating system  at the university, also employed (6) students in the Tkayet Om Ali, and five students at  (Extensya) operating system as a part time job besides studying.
  • Participate in youth forums, discussion taking place in public universities, the Fund's King  Abdullah II of development, and the (Injaz) office for creating economic conditions, and  Business Development Center, the (Adalh) Center for Human Rights Studies, and talk show  (Elhaky Elna)
  • Visit of a delegation from the Arabs' (Injaz) and the Morocco's (Injaz) to the Fund's Office in  the university and attend a special session of the King Abdullah II Bureau (Session of how to  be a leader). 
  • Concluding an agreement with the King Abdullah II Fund Bureau and (Inteqa'a) company to  provide an electronically service of evaluating the vocational student and enable him to  identify the weaknesses that impeding him from getting to the future of his career during the  tests of social and emotional intelligence.
  • Work on the application of the "your way to your career," program which is a training  program for university students in a number of institutions under the supervision of the  Office in order to train students and provide them with the practical experience before  joining the labor market. 
  • Participation of a number of volunteered students of the office to write as a part of the  editorial board of "magaletna", and ‘'ON CAMPUS'' in coordination with the King Abdullah II  Funds Bureau.
Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon

Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon
Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon
On behalf of the deanship of students’ affairs, I am pleased to welcome fresher students who opted for the University of Petra to be the gateway for a bright future equipped with skills ..
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