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Career Counseling and Follow-up of Graduates Office (CCFGO) helps students in discovering their skills and unused capacities and their career opportunities. CCFGO aims to build the student’s personality and improve their communication skills through organizing specialized training courses, community service, extracurricular activities, voluntary activities, youth meetings, social initiatives and part-time employment program (during their study at UOP). Thereafter, CCFGO helps students in identifying their career opportunities by organizing workshops on CV Development, How to Conduct a Successful Job Interviews, how to introduce their knowledge and experience to interviewers during job interviews.  Furthermore, CCFGO organizes annual exhibition for employers with the aim of obtaining training opportunities and acquiring the necessary skills.
By doing so, CCFGO serves as a vital link between UOP students and graduates, private sector companies and training providers, including: Jordanian Trainers Society (JTS), Business Development Center (BDC), Economic Opportunities for Jordanian Youth (INJAZ), Leaders of Tomorrow, Ibdaa Society and The Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship (QRCE).
CCFGO is responsible for following-up graduates, helping graduates in improving their professional skills, preparing graduates to enter labor market and shedding light on graduates’ skills and experience to be recruited later on.
Functions and duties of CCFGO:
  • Strengthening the values and behaviors of professionalism and acquiring life skills;
  • Helping UOP students and graduates to find part-time employment opportunities and permanent employment opportunities respectively and to continuously communicate with companies as job seekers;
  • Opening direct channels of communication between graduates and private sector companies and civil society organization and signing Memorandums Of Understanding (MOUs) with organizations that support youth and entrepreneurship, including but not limited to: Business Development Center (BDC), The Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship (QRCE) and Leaders of Tomorrow; 
  • Development of a website for available job opportunities;
  • Organizing job fairs to enable expected graduates to meet employers;
  • Honoring UOP outstanding students on an annual basis; and
  • Holding workshops and training courses on life skills and social skills that help students in recognizing their strengths and identifying their future jobs through self-assessment and social and emotional intelligence measurement. The workshops and training courses include:
    1. Leading action teams;
    2. Success factors of small enterprises;
    3. Talent Management;
    4. Change psychology and time management;
    5. Art of dialogue and positive thinking;
    6. Entrepreneurship;
    7. Creativity and problem-solving;
    8. Creative thinking skills;
    9. Emotional intelligence;
    10. Information security at businesses;
    11. Encountering work and life pressures;
    12. Work ethics and communication skills;
    13. Leadership skills;
    14. Human Resources Management (HRM);
    15. Memory and Concentration;
    16. Establishing businesses; and
    17. Developing effective resumes and cover letters and succeeding in job interviews.
  • Supporting innovative projects of UOP students with a view to encouraging innovation and creativity and funding research projects of expected graduates according to pre-identified principles and standards in coordination with King Abdullah II Design And Development Bureau (KADDB);
  • Helping students to improve their skills in light of labor market needs through taking part in different youth meetings and communicating with training providers, such as: Economic Opportunities for Jordanian Youth (INJAZ), Irada Organization, Business Development Center (BDC) – Skills Program, King Abdullah II Design And Development Bureau (KADDB), Pioneers Academy, Ibdaa Society and Leaders of Tomorrow;
  • Helping UOP students in establishing their startups, such as: SMART IDEA, Lego Furniture and Elegencia;
  • Supporting pioneering projects that compete at the level of Jordanian universities in INJAZ-organized competition “Youth Leadership”, such as: recycle it, I am volunteer, young without cancer. The projects that ranked first “Seven Days Garden”, “You Are Their Hope” and “We Were Children”;
  • Participating in youth meetings and discussion sessions held at Jordanian universities, King Abdullah II Fund For Development (KAFD), Economic Opportunities for Jordanian Youth (INJAZ), Ibdaa Society, Business Development Center (BDC), Adaleh Center For Human Rights Studies, The Royal Film Commission of Jordan (RFC) and East & West Center;
  • Provision of “Your Career Path” program to train undergraduate students and obtain practical experience before joining labor market;
  • Supporting youth initiatives, such as: “I am volunteer” initiative that aims to serve local community and support the activities and sport festivals of Muslim girls in the last four years and till now;
  • Updating graduates’ data list to send it to recruitment and private sector companies;
  • Developing a statistical study on the competency of UOP graduates in labor market and the extent to which employers are satisfied with their performance and measuring the graduates’ satisfaction on UOP majors and services;
  • Updating the content and form of DSA webpages to view up-to-date information to graduates;
  • Granting training opportunities to graduates free of charge or at low discounts;
  • honoring outstanding graduates through highlighting their success stories in UOP Annual Book and during graduation ceremonies and organizing annual meetings for UOP graduates;
  • Communicating with local and international companies to secure training and employment opportunities;
  • Developing extensive database for graduates in E-graduates system; and
  • Creating pages for UOP graduates in social media networks. 
Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon

Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon
Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon
On behalf of the deanship of students’ affairs, I am pleased to welcome fresher students who opted for the University of Petra to be the gateway for a bright future equipped with skills ..
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