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                                            Disciplinary sanctions

Disciplinary offense:
 is a violation that displays student who committed disciplinary sanctions.

The following acts are considered disciplinary offenses suffered a student who commits any of them to disciplinary sanctions set forth in these instructions: -
  1.  Refrain deliberate - individual or collective - for attending classes and other  academic work, which requires attendance systems, incitement to this refrain.
  2.  Cheating or attempting to cheat in tests and examinations, or prejudice its system.
  3.  Any act, or say, or act, committed by a student at the university, and be Massa  honor, or dignity, or dignity, or morals, or disrupt the good conduct and behavior,  or what would abuse the reputation of the university, or their employees, and  apply this paragraph on any of the prescribed acts, if committed by a student  outside the university in an activity or occasion, whether involving the university,  or did not participate.
  4.  Do any organization on campus, or participating in, or abetting, other than a  previous authorization from the competent authorities at the university, or to  participate in any activity that violates the collective regulatory assets at the  university.
  5.  The use of the university's buildings and facilities other than the purposes for  which prepared her, or without prior permission.
  6.  The distribution of leaflets or posters, or the issuance of newspapers at the  university, or the collection of signatures, or donations without obtaining a license  from the competent authorities at the university, or the abuse of prohibited license  to practice the activities mentioned.
  7.  Disruptive or settings you spend lectures, seminars, or activities within the  university received.
  8.  Any insult or abuse directed the student to faculty member. Or any of the  employees, or college, or visitors to the University.
  9.  Theft, or damage, or any threat or attempt - intentionally or negligently - that  would prejudice the university property movable or immovable, including sources of  information.
  10.  An offense or incitement to violate the laws, regulations, and directives, and  resolutions in force at the university.
  11.  Fraud in obtaining a university documents, or forgery, or the use of forged  documents in any university purposes.
  12.  Incitement or agreement with the students, persons or other persons to commit  acts of violence, fights, or (libel oral, written, digital) against the students, or  other persons within the university.
  13.  St. - giving documents or identities of the university is intended for use illegally, a  refusal highlighted upon request by the competent authorities at the university.
  14.  Impersonating another student's personal student on campus, in any act, or act, or  say that would prejudice the laws, regulations, and instructions, and Lafrarat the  window at the university.
  15.  All do, or say, or action that would offend national unity, or abuse to the security  of the country and beliefs, through the broadcast of political ideas, or sectarian, or  regional.
  16.  The use of, or assistance in the use of, or participation, or incitement in the  introduction, or carrying sharp weapons or firearms - licensed or unlicensed - Inside  the campus, or any other materials, can be used for legitimate purposes.
  17.  Abuse, or promotion, or possession of any narcotic substances, or spiritual, or  come to the university under the influence.
Determine the disciplinary sanctions that may be imposed on the student commensurate with the offenses contained in Article (3), namely:

  1.  Alarm.
  2.  Directed by the student from the classroom, or call campus security if necessary  to remove it.
  3.  Depriving students of the presence of some, or all of the lecture material, which  breached the rules during the taught, for a specified period to exercise one or more  of the student activities which they committed the offense.
  4.  Deprivation for a specific period of use of university facilities which the offense was  committed.
  5.  The first warning.
  6.  Dual alarm (II).
  7.  The final warning.
  8.  To cancel the registration of a substance or more articles of the chapter in which  the violation is located and non-response fees.
  9.  Student fined twice the value thing أتلفه.
  10.  Confiscation of all that would prejudice the lecture system, and bring the Dean or  Head of Department in writing.
  11.  Temporary separation from the university for a semester or more.
  12.  Final chapter of the university.
  13.  Postpone the granting Degree student for a period of time, determined by the  Council of Deans.
  14.  Cancel the decision to grant the certificate if it is found that there is fraud or fraud  in the process of obtaining them.
Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon

Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon
Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon
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