The students’ Open Activities Day includes the celebration of an important event in the history of the country, namely the Independence Day.

The program of this celebration (four to five days) will be decided by the authorities in charge of organizing this Day.

The University selects an area within the campus which is divided into a number of camps, one for every country, and participation in these camps is open to all colleges.

Celebrations on this Day include various cultural activities reflecting the countries represented and their culture and historical landmarks. This will sometimes require certain assistance to be presented by embassies of these countries. Additionally, some private companies in Jordan may sponsor these activities by providing assistance in the presentation of distinguishing events and landmarks for certain countries. These camps include the main pavilion of Jordan where artistic groups from outside the University present their dances and performances in their national costumes.

It is worth noticing that Dr. ‘Afaf Al-‘Utaibi takes a leading role in achieving the aims of this celebration and organizing its camps. The University authorities welcome the public during these celebration days