The University renders many services to its students including serving food as the University has a cafeteria, donuts store and supermarket.
The cafeteria serves several types of sandwiches that count to more than 30. Further, it includes a corner dedicated for handmade coffee and a special corner for hot drinks. Further, and on Mondays and Wednesdays, it serves a hot meal for the students and dormitory in addition to the free delivery to all the faculties. In fact, it was recently that a celebrations hall was inaugurated for the birthdays of the students as well as an Internet hall. Furthermore, it contributes the preparations for all the events of the University including dinner buffets that serve several hot foods.
The Donuts Store:
The donuts store serves several types of patisseries, juices and coffee in addition to the ice cream. Further, it is distinguished by serving the donuts and special cake made for the graduation celebrations and birthday parties. In fact, students may hold birthday parties while it includes a non smoking zone. In addition, it provides offers for the students of each shift.
The Supermarket:
It provides the students with their several needs such as the sweets of all the types, phone cards, soda drinks and juices.
Event Calendar
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