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  • Academic Rules

    Academic Rules

    Students can add and drop during one week after the beginning of the first..
  • Academic Advising

    Academic Advising

    The process of Academic Advisement depends mainly on the academic advisor in ..
  • Tuition & Fees

    Tuition & Fees

    Explore Majors and Degrees offered by UOP..
  • Placement Tests

    Placement Tests

    Upon joining the university, all students should ..
  • Bulletins & Catalogs

    Bulletins & Catalogs

    By Downloading and Exploring the Student Guide you will have answers to..
  • Grading System

    Grading System

    The university adopts the credit-hour system in teaching..
  • Admission & Registration

    Admission & Registration

    Admission and registration seeking to be distinct reference to provide..
  • Online Registration

    Online Registration

    A group of academic services that students can see which of schedules and ..
  • BlackBoard


    E-program that designed to help manage the process of e-learning..
  • Course Schedule

    Course Schedule

    Course Schedule
  • Exam Schedule

    Exam Schedule

    Exam Schedule
  • Transfer Student

    Transfer Student

    A student is allowed to transfer from another university to Petra ..
  • Sports Activities

    Sports Activities

    Sports Activities Department goals..
  • Healthcare Center

    Healthcare Center

    Since of its establishment under the name of Girls University, The University of Petra (UOP) provided ...
  • Banking Services

    Banking Services

    The University has a branch of the Jordan-Kuwait Bank within its campus ..
  • Student Parking

    Student Parking

    The University provides the parking for the students cars ..
  • Food Services

    Food Services

    The University renders many services to its students including serving food ..
  • Student Dormitory

    Student Dormitory

    The girls' dormitory is located on the university campus..
  • Transportation


    The University of Petra provides transportation from and to all..
  • Student Employment

    Student Employment

    In March of each year, the Deanship of Student Affairs holds elections for...
  • Student Associations

    Student Associations

    The University aspires to provide Students’ Councils with a decisive ..
  • University Map

    University Map

    University Map..
  • Open Day

    Open Day

    The students’ Open Activities Day includes the celebration of an ..
  • Contact Us

    Contact Us

    Answer Desk is ready to help you with whatever you need..
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