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Alumni Affairs Department

Based on the philosophy of petra University to follow Alumni and help them build and develop their professional skills and a willingness to engage the labor market efficiently and effectively as well as contributing to hire them and stand on the achievements of the process , it has developed in Deanship of Student Affairs since 2008 a section specialized in Alumni affairs after following-up alumni by many parts of the university.

Objectives of Alumni Section :
First: Studies and Research
1. Analytical studies to measure the satisfaction of alumni from graduation ceremonies to take advantage of the results in the development of performance.

2. Analytical studies on the suitability of the plans of certain disciplines at the University to the labor market.

second : Communication and Networking:
 1. Preparation and design of alumni electronic magazine to be a liaison and contact between the alumnus  and his university.

 2. Updated information and develop the website of the Department of alumni affairs and Deanship of Student Affairs to ensure the delivery of updated information for alumni .

 3. Provide an opportunity for alumni to train and build capacity at several training centers with special discounts or free payments.
Third : Employment:
1. Positive communication with a number of well known institutions and companies to employ alumni or expected graduate of students in full-time or in part time.

2. Set up Employment Days at the university for several establishments to participate for giving the opportunity to alumni  to learn about the labor market.

3. Update the list of data of alumni of the University each semester in order to provide it for the purposes of employment agencies and institutions, locally and regionally.
Forth : The process of graduation:
1. Contribution of the successful of the graduation ceremonies and secure all supplies for alumni of caps and ribbons and tassels and the preparation of patent disclosure for alumni.

2. Provide the opportunity for alumni who achieved their jobs to describe their success stories through the graduation ceremony as a tale of success .


 Alumni Questions :

• What are the available opportunities to pursue my higher studies in the university?

The University offers programs for master's degree in a number of academic disciplines, as:
(Pharmacology and translation), where the school is completing the requirements for each discipline according to plan of college scholarships, the university plans to start a number of other disciplines at the Masters.

• Is it possible to alumni of Petra university to be dispatched on the account of the university for a doctorate?

Yes, the University plans to Sponsor delegates from the campaign bachelor's or master's degree to get a doctorate, and identifies each specialty academic requirements of the scholarships is based on conditions formed by the college and faculty .

• Is there cooperation agreements between the university and other Arab and foreign universities?

Yes, the University signed  a number of scientific cooperation agreements with Arab and foreign universities to allow alumni to continue their higher studies in different disciplines.

Achievements of the Office:
1.  plane visits to other universities for the exchange of experiences and cooperation to develop plans that will help graduates .
2.  Cooperation with the United Nations (UNDP) - the harmonization of higher education outputs and labor market requirements of Jordan to ensure institutional work in the office and provide services for graduates.
3.  to organize the receipt and delivery of robs and renewal of the private warehouse cabinets graduation robs.
4.  Performed the ceremony of amedia who graduated from petra university and working in the several media sections  .
5.  Preparation of questionnaires to obtain more and accurate information about them .
6.  Preparation of the handbook for Office of Alumni Affairs.
7.  to communicate with local business annually and employ students through the announcement of its vacancy.
1.  Develop a common database of graduates within an integrated information system for the Deanship of Student Affairs.
2.  create an e-mail for each graduate on the website to communicate with them.
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