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FIT Students Win First and Third Place in Second Hakeem Academy Competition
Posted on 11/09/2017

Hakeem Academy, Academic arm of Electronic Health Solutions Company (EHS), has concluded 2nd Hakeem Academy Competition for Jordanian Universities.  30 projects have participated in the competition, 11 projects of which have qualified for the final stage. 2 projects out of 11 have been developed by the students of Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) of the University of Petra (UOP). The competition lasts for one year. FIT students have been declared winners of first and third places for the following projects:
"Portable Neck Treatment Device"
"I care"
FIT students, who have won the first and third places under the supervision of Mr. Abdul Kareem Albana, include Sanad Barjawi, Fareed Issa, Maha Mahyob, Aseel Asha and Abdulrahman Makahleh.