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Jordanian team Wins 3rd Place at the Intel ChallengeMe Competition in Beirut
Posted on 22/11/2015

فوز فريق أردني من جامعة البترا في مسابقة انتل Intel العالمية في بيروت 

The "Petra Challengers" team from the University of Petra won the 3rd place in the Intel ChallenegeMe Awards Ceremony "An Internet of Things IoT Competetion" for the MENA Region which was held for the first time in the region in Beirut on the 11/11/2015.  
The Petra Challengers team which consisted of IT students Tamara Jbouri, Ghayath Ariqsousi, and Sanad Burjawi entered the competition with their invention of a device for Neck treatment based on the concept of "Internet of Things" employing the Intel Galileo Board.  This device works in three stages: Heat and Vibration Stage, Stretching Exercises Stage, and finally the Cervical Traction Stage.  This device can be configured and monitored by the treating physician over the internet without the need to be present with the patient.


The Intel ChallengeMe is a new competition which is a variation of previous competition called "Intel Business Challenge".  This competition emphasizes on the use of the new concept known as "Internet of Things" or "IoT" due to its importance as indicated by the MENA General Manager who predicts that in 2020 there would be more than 50 Billion Device around the world connoted through the internet.