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Name : Al-Nammari Fatima Mayada

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

Administrative Position : Dean

Office 0       Ext No 4203

Email :

Specialization: Architecture and Urban Design

Graduate Of: Texas A&M University






    Texas A&M University
    United States of America

  • Book

      Chatterjee, HJ, Clini, C, Butler, B, Al-Nammari, F, Al-Asir, R and Katona, C, " Exploring the psychosocial impact of cultural interventions with displaced people " , "Refuge in a Moving World",Vol.3,No., UCL, London, 12/11/2018

  • Journal Paper

      Fatima Al-Nammari, " Participatory urban upgrading and power: Lessons learnt from a pilot project in Jordan " , "Habitat International",Vol.39,No.1, ELSEVIER, Vancouver, 09/16/2013

      Fatima Al-Nammari an, " Earthquake Recovery of Historic Buildings, Investigating Cost and Time Needs " , "Disasters",Vol.33,No.3, , UK, 09/16/2009

      Fatima Al-Nammari

      • Butler, Beverlry and Fatima Al-Nammari, " “We Palestinian Refugees” – Heritage Rites and/as the Clothing of Bare Life: Reconfiguring Paradox, Obligation, and Imperative in Palestinian Refugee Camps in Jordan". " , " JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY ARCHAEOLOGY : The New Nomadic Age Archaeologies of Forced and Undocumented Migration",Vol.3,No., equinoxpub, UK, 12/01/2016

      Malhis, Shatha, and Al-Nammari, Fatima, " Interaction between internal structure and adaptive use of traditional buildings: Analyzing the heritage museum of Abu-Jaber, Jordan " , "International Journal of Architectural Research: ArchNet-IJAR",Vol.9,No., ArchNet-MIT, USA, 10/27/2015

  • Chapter in a Book

      Al Asir, Rula and Al, " Green Design and the Adaptive Reuse of Historic Buildings: Integrating Environmental Design and Conservation, " , "Responsibilities and Opportunities in Architectural Conservation: Theory, Education, and Practice",Vol.,No., CSAAR, Jordan, 09/16/2008

      Fatima Al-Nammari

      Fatima Al-Nammari, " Towards Sustainable Development in Historic City Centres: An Integrated Approach " , "Sustainable Architecture and Urban Development",Vol.,No., CSAAR and The University of Dundee, SA, 09/16/2010

      Fatima Al-Nammari, " Talbiyeh Camp Improvement Project and the Challenges of Community Participation: Between Empowerment and Conflict " , "UNRWA and Palestinian Refugees: from relief and works to human development",Vol.,No., Routledge, , 04/18/2014

  • Conference paper

      Fatima Al-Nammari, " Testing Camp Improvement: Space and Power Struggles, Planning vs. De Facto Change " , "Dignity and Rights in Urban Spaces: Ground Breaking Urban Planning in the Middle East",Vol.,No., , Germany, 05/09/2011

      Fatima Al-Nammari, " Principles of Disaster Planning and Lessons Learned for the Arab City " , "Annual Symposium of the Legue of Arab Architects titled Towards Sustainable Disaster Recovery",Vol.,No., , Egypt, 12/09/2010

      Al-Nammari, Fatima, , " Improving the thermal performance of refugee shelters in Talbiyeh Camp " , "Green Energy & Sustainability for Arid Regions & Mediterranean Countries ICEGES 2009",Vol.,No., , Jordan, 11/16/2009

      Fatima Al-Nammari, " Participation, Sustainability & Governance in Camp Improvement- Jordan " , "Shelter & Participatory planning workshop",Vol.,No., UNRWA- Camp Improvement Department, Amman, Jordan, 10/23/2013

  • Doctoral Dissertation

      Fatima Al-Nammari, " Sustainable Disaster Recovery for Historic Buildings: Learning from San Francisco after the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake " , "",Vol.,No., , USA, 05/16/2006
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