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Name : Khaled Al-Tarawneh

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 9325       Ext No 9325

Email :

Specialization: Marketing

Graduate Of: Amman arab university for GRADUATE STUDIES /JORDAN






    muta unv
    Amman arab university for GRADUATE STUDIES /JORDAN

·         Sales and Marketing Employee from 1992-1997.

·         Head of Accounts Division in Ibn Sina Center for Medical Equipment & Services, 1998-2004.

·         Executive Manager in Ibn Sina Center for Medical Equipment & Services, from 2005-2010 .

·         Part time lecturer at Philadelphia University, College of Administration & Finance Sciences.2006-2009

·         Full time lecturer at Petra University, Marketing Department. Up to today's date .2011-2016


  • Book

      د.خالد عطالله الطراونه, " سلوك المستهلك واتخاذ القرارات الشرائية " , "",Vol.,No., , , 12/22/2012 Abstract:
      كتاب جديد بعنوان : «سلوك المستهلك وإتخاذ القرارات الشرائية» مدخل متكامل لمؤلفه الدكتور خالد عطا الله الطراونة. ويقع هذا الكتاب في ثمانية عشر فصلا، وهو من كتب التسويق المتخصصة التي تناولت موضوع سلوك المستهلك بأسلوب حديث يعتمد على المداخل والاتجاهات المعاصرة في دراسة الجوانب المختلفة لهذا السلوك، بعد أن ثبت أن سلوك المستهلك وكل ما يخصه ويرتبط به من الموضوعات جديرة بالبحث والدراسة، إذ أصبح من الأمور المهمة في حياة الأمم المتقدمة، بل أصبح من القضايا التي تثير الأهتمام في عدة مجالات من أهمها التخطيط للإستهلاك وعدالة توزيع الدخول ودراسة الجدوى الإقتصادية ورسم السياسات الخاصة بالاسعار ومعالجة التضخم , وبالشكل الذى جعله يمثل المحور والاساس لكافة استراتيجيات التسويق وبالتالي اصبح يمثل نقطة البداية والنهاية لمختلف الانشطة الانتاجية والتسويقية والانشطة الاخرى في كافة المنظمات الربحية وغير الربحية .

  • Journal Paper

      khaled tarawneh, " Transformational leadership and marketing effectiveness in commercial banks in Jordan " , "European Journal ofeconomics,finance and administrative sciences ",Vol.,No.46, , uk, 03/18/2012 Abstract:
      Transformational leadership and marketing effectiveness in commercial banks in Jordan Abstract The study examines the impact of transformational leadership on marketing effectiveness in commercial banks in Jordan from employees perspective. Data were collected via self-administered questionnaire from a samples of bank employees (423). transformational leadership behavior was measured using the four factors of transformational leadership adopted by MLQ (Bass, 1998). marketing effectiveness was measured using Kotler (1997) scale. The results of the study showed that transformational leadership dimensions, which include Idealized Influences; Inspirational Motivation; Individualized Consideration; and Intellectual Stimulation are found to significantly relate to higher level of marketing effectiveness. Among these factors the strongest impact was Inspirational motivation. The “inspirational motivation” component of transformational leadership implies the development of shared high expectations and interests rather than individual expectations and interests, so marketing strategy, marketing creative, or marketing execution address interests of customers, who not merely buy or stimulate buying actions in others, but also activate the spread of brand impression and flow of constructive feedback back to the company. Keywords: Transformational leadership, Marketing effectiveness, Commercial banks, Jordan . Download

      khaled tarawneh, " Measuring E-service quality from the customers' Perspective: An Empirical Study on banking Services " , "INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL OF FINANCE AND ECONOMICS",Vol.,No.Issue No.91, KHALED TARAWNEH, U.K LONDON, 06/15/2012 Abstract:
      Measuring E-service quality from the customers' Perspective: An Empirical Study on banking Services Abstract The purpose of this study is to evaluate e- service quality from the customers, perspective, and to examine the effect of e- service quality dimensions on customer’s perception of banking e- service quality. Data was collected via self-administered questionnaire from random samples drawn from the population of customers using e-banking service in Amman. The constructs in this study were developed by using measurement scales adopted from prior studies. The instrument was evaluated for reliability and validity. Data were analyzed using SPSS. The results in this study indicate that Reliability; Responsiveness; Ease of use; Personalization; Security; and Website design have influence on customer’s perception of e- service quality. This study and their results have several limitations and also indicate directions for further research. Keyword: E-service, Quality, commercial banks, Jordan. Download

      khaled tarawneh, " Study of The Relationship Between the Quality of the MedicalService and Patient Satisfaction in Private Hospitals Operating inAmman Area " , "journal",Vol.5,No.4, EURO jornal, u.k, 03/03/2013 Abstract:
      ABSTRACT This study aimed to determine the relationship between a set of independent variables included: basic health services, non health services, medical, nursing staff, and prices of health services with the dependent variable goal of patient satisfaction, this study determined the differences statistical concept of service quality health depending on variables Patient demographic, To achieve the above objectives, and to test hypotheses, soft sample was taken from patients goers private hospitals in Jordan, amounted to (300) patients, of whom underwent (92.3%) of the final analysis. The study found that the availability of appropriate health services influential element on patient satisfaction, and among 54.7% of respondents said that the level of health service below average. The second package included a number of important variables in influencing satisfaction of patients visitors.62.6% of the respondents said that the non-health services also below average. The 66.7% of the sample has expressed satisfaction with the level of medical and nursing staff working in over 77.3% dissatisfaction with the level of prices. Finally, the study found statistical differences in patient satisfaction according to sex, level of education, and income. The study found a set of recommendations including: reconsider the pricing of health services, and attention to the training and qualification of medical staff in terms of marketing. Keywords: Services quality, Medical Quality, Consumer satisfaction. Download

      dr.khaled al tarawne, " The impact of service quality on Customer satisfaction of Jordan Insurance Companies " , "international journal of management&information technology",Vol.5 namber 2,No.ISSN 2278-5612, , U.S.A , 08/14/2013 Abstract:
      ABSTRACT The study aimed to investigate the impact of service quality on Customer satisfaction of Jordan Insurance Companies. The sample for this study consists customers of Jordan insurance companies . These were randomly selected from customers of ALICO insurance company located in in several locations in Jordan. Two hundred and thirty three usable surveys were returned with a response rate of 58.25% . The (SERVQUAL) identifies seven dimensions of service quality: Competence, Credibility, reliability, responsiveness, Assurance, tangibles, Communication.. The study indicates that there was a statistically significant link between seven dimensions service quality and customer satisfaction. The findings of the study have important implications for managers of Jordan Insurance Companies, managers of Jordan Insurance Companies could make Commitment by the offers provided to the customers, so that the advertised offers should match the reality. Great attention to complaints made by customers and considering them seriously by forming specialized committees to respond to these complaints, and Working on the development of signboards in all centers of the company which include the steps to be followed by customers to receive the service in order to let the customer receives the service quickly and without errors or delay. Keywords: service quality, Customer satisfaction, Insurance Companies, Jordan Download

      Dr. Khaled Atallah A, " The Intermediate Effect of the Adoption of Electronic Banking Services between the Word of Mouth and the Quality of Banking Services " , "JOURNAL",Vol.Vol. 5,,No.9(1);, International Journal of Business and Social Science, U.S.A, 08/01/2014 Abstract:
      Abstract This study aimed to test the impact of the use of the word of mouth on the quality of banking services through the adoption of electronic banking services as an intermediary variable in commercial banks in Jordan. The study sample consisted of 265 respondents who were selected from dealers with commercial banks in Jordan as an appropriate sample. The questionnaire was used as a tool for data collection; a number of statistical methods have been used including regression, simple arithmetic averages, the normal distribution test and the structural equation. The results indicated: 1– that the level of practicing word of mouth from the viewpoint of the respondents is medium. 2- that the level of banking services quality in the commercial banks in Jordan from the perspective of the respondents is high. 3- that the level of adoption of electronic banking services in the commercial banks in Jordan is average from the viewpoint of the respondents. 4– word of mouth has a significant positive impact, as does the adoption of electronic banking services on the quality of banking services at a significance level of (α ≤ 0.05). 5- the presence of an indirect effect of the adoption of electronic banking services between the word of mouth and the quality of banking services at significance level of (α ≤ 0.05). The study recommended a set of recommendations according to the results of the study. Keywords: word of mouth, quality of banking services, the adoption of electronic banking services, commercial banks of Jordan Download

      Dr. khaled atallah a, " أثر مهارات إدارة التزويد الإستراتيجية المدركة في أداء إدارة التزويد من خلال تكامل الموردين:دراسة ميدانية في الشركات الصناعية الأردنية العاملة في مدينة سحاب " , "مجلة",Vol.1/2015,No.المجلد 11, المجلة الاردنية في ادارة الاعمال, عمان - الاردن, 01/15/2015 Abstract:
      ملخـص تهدف هذه الدراسة إلى قياس وتحليل أثر مهارات إدارة التزويد الإستراتيجية المدركة في أداء إدارة التزويد من خلال تكامل الموردين في الشركات الصناعية الأردنية في مدينة سحاب، وتكوّن مجتمع الدراسة من جميع المديرين العاملين في ادارات التزويد والمواد والمشتريات والمخازن ومساعديهم والبالغ عددهم (461) مديرا. وتم سحب عينة عشوائية من المجتمع مثلت (50%) منه، وبذلك يكون حجم العينة (230) مديرا، وكان عدد الاستبانات الصالحة للتحليل (139) استبانة. ولتحقيق أهداف الدراسة استخدم المنهج الوصفي التحليلي من خلال استبانة استخدمت لجمع البيانات. وتم استخدام العديد من الوسائل والأساليب الإحصائية منها المتوسطات الحسابية، والانحرافات المعيارية، وتحليل الانحدار المتعدد. وتوصلت الدراسة إلى: وجود تأثير ذو دلالة إحصائية لمهارات إدارة التزويد الإستراتيجية في أداء إدارة التزويد في الشركات الصناعية الأردنية عند مستوى دلالة (a £ 0.05). ووجود تأثير ذو دلالة إحصائية لمهارات إدارة التزويد في درجة تكامل الموردين مع الشركات الصناعية الأردنية عند مستوى دلالة(a £ 0.05). ووجود تأثير ذو دلالة إحصائية لدرجة تكامل الموردين في أداء إدارة التزويد في الشركات الصناعية الأردنية عند مستوى دلالة (a £ 0.05). وقد أوصت الدراسة بضرورة قيام الشركات الصناعية الأردنية بالاهتمام بتنمية وتطوير مهارات إدارة التزويد الإستراتيجية، بحيث تنعكس هذه المهارات في تحقيق الأداء في إدارة التزويد بشكل اكبر. وتوطيد العلاقات بينها وبين الشركات الإستراتيجيين من الموردين بحيث تكون العلاقة قائمة على التكامل والشراكة وليس على تحقيق المصلحة الآنية. الكلمات الدالة: سلسلة التزويد؛ مهارات إدارة التزويد الإستراتيجية؛ أداء إدارة التزويد؛ تكامل الموردين، الشركات الصناعية الأردنية، مدينة سحاب الصناعية. Download

      Shadi M. Altarifi1, Ibrahim S. Aqel1 & Khaled A. Al Tarawneh1, " The Impact of Market Orientation on Customer Satisfaction of Private Schools in Jordan " , "International Journal of Business and Management",Vol.125,No.125, International Journal of Business and Management, Canada, 08/10/2016 Abstract:
      Abstract This study aims at identifying the impact of market orientation on customer satisfaction in private schools in Jordan. The population of the study consists of managers of different levels in private schools in Amman. Out of the questionnaires distributed, 158 usable questionnaires were r Download

      Abstract The study aimed to identify the impact of personal skills on the marketing performance of the insurance companies in Jordan. The study used the descriptive analytical methodology. It also used the questionnaire set in line with the study objectives and hypotheses. The study population was c Download

      This study aims at clarifying the concept and applicability of the Balanced Scorecard in the private universities in Jordan; demonstrating effect on the strategic performance; identifying availability of the essential features in those universities to apply the Balanced Scorecard; the relationship b Download

  • Conference paper

      Dr.khaled A tarawneh, " أثر أخلاقيات الاعمال والمسؤولية الاجتماعية في تحقيق الميزة التنافسية في المؤسسات الصناعية في الاردن " , "المؤتمر الدولي الثاني لكلية ادارة الأعمال",Vol.,No., جامعة مؤتة, عمان - الاردن, 04/25/2013 Abstract:
      الملخص هدفت الدراسة إلى التعرف على أثر أخلاقيات الاعمال والمسؤولية الاجتماعية في تحقيق الميزة التنافسية وذلك من خلال استقصاء آراء المبحوثين من المديرين العاملين في الإدارات العليا في الشركات الصناعية المدرجة في سوق عمان للأوراق المالية. شمل مجتمع الدراسة جميع الشركات الصناعية المدرجة ضمن بورصة عمان للأوراق المالية، والبالغ عددها (84) شركة، أما العينة فتكونت من (65) مديراً يعملون في الإدارات العليا في الشركات المشمولة بالدراسة وتوصلت الدراسة إلى انه يوجد تأثير ذو دلالة إحصائية لأخلاقيات الاعمال (الاستقلالية والموضوعية، الأمانة والاستقامة، النزاهة والشفافية) على تحقيق الميزة التنافسية ( تخفيض التكلفة، الابتكار والتجديد) في الشركات الصناعية الاردنية. كما أظهرت نتائج الدراسة وجود تأثير ذو دلالة إحصائية للمسؤولية الاجتماعية (المسئولية نحو البيئة، المسئولية نحو المستهلكين، المسئولية نحو المجتمع المحلي) على تحقيق الميزة التنافسية (تخفيض التكلفة، الابتكار والتجديد) في الشركات الصناعية الاردنية. وأوصت الدراسة بوضع وتعزيز أخلاقيات الاعمال، وضرورة أن تقوم الشركات الصناعية الاردنية بتحديد السياسات الأخلاقية وتوزيعها عبر الشركة، وتدريب العاملين فيها على تعزيز قدرتهم لمواجهة المشاكل الأخلاقية الصعبة. مفتاح الكلمات: أخلاقيات الاعمال، المسؤولية الاجتماعية، الميزة التنافسية، الشركات الصناعية Download

  • Doctoral Dissertation

      خالد عطالله الطراونه, " قياس رضا زبائن مؤسسات تجارة الأجهزة والمعدات الطبية عن النشاطات التسويقية في الأردن " , "",Vol.,No., , amman jordan, 10/28/2010 Abstract:
      This study aimed to measure customers satisfaction with the marketing Activities in Jordanian medical equipment establishments. The study used the descriptive analytical methodology to achieve its objectives . The study also used a questionnaire which was distributed over the two samples of the study . The study population consisted of all industrial customers, and end consumers. The study sample comprised 700 industrial customers and 425 end customers using medical devices and equipment in their homes. The researcher used two main sources to collect the required data: primary and secondary data. Means, standard deviation, frequencies, and percentages were applied. Study hypotheses were tested using one sample t- test to examine dual comparisons. ANOVA test also was used to examine if there were statistically significant differences between the responses of the sample of the study due to the demographic characteristics for the examined clients and also for the characteristics of the industrial companies and the medical establishments. Results showed that: 1) The industrial customer and the end user customers were satisfied with the marketing activities( medical goods variety , pricing policy , distribution channels, marketing communications, marketing information system ,and sales force). . 2) There were slight differences between customers' satisfaction ( industrial and end customers ) with respect to each marketing activity practiced by medical equipment establishments. 3) There were no statistical differences in customers' satisfaction ( industrial customers) due to the company s capital size experience, number of employees or work scope 4) There were no statistical differences in customers' satisfaction ( end customers) due to differences in age or monthly income. 5) There were statistical differences in customer's satisfaction ( end customers ) due to gender in favor of females .other differences were due to educational level in favor of higher studies. earning and market portion development. In light of the findings of the study, the researcher made the following recommendations: 1) Medical institutions' managements should carry out periodical surveys regarding customers ' satisfaction for the purpose of measuring their satisfaction degree in order to improve their indicators. 2) Medical institutions have to benefit from modern scientific achievements and keep up with innovations and developments in the medical tools and equipment field . This will help these institutions provide services and goods quickly and less cost. 3) Medical establishments should give enough attention to marketing activities and aim to satisfy customers` needs in a timely and appropriate manner . 4) Medical establishments should continuously provide a variety of good quality medical products in addition to offering after sale services spare parts and other services that ensure performance continuity.
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