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Name : Shadi ALTarifi

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 9327       Ext No 9327

Email :

Specialization: Marketing

Graduate Of: Amman Arab University






    Applied Science University
    AL al-Bayt University
    Amman Arab University


  • Book

      د.شادي الطريفي ا.د, " تسويق الخدمات /تحت الاعداد والتنسيق النهائي " , "",Vol.,No., , , 03/02/2013

      د.شادي الطريفي, " ادارة العلامات التجارية - تحت الاعداد " , "",Vol.,No., , , 06/05/2011

  • Journal Paper

      Shadi M. Altarifi, " Internal Marketing Activities in Higher Education " , "International Journal of Business and Management",Vol.9,No.6 June 2014, Canadian Center of Science and Education, Canada, 03/04/2014 Abstract:
      Abstract The aim of this paper is to develop valid measurements to investigate the concept of 'Internal Marketing' (IM) in higher education institutions (HE). The study confirms that IM in HE can be measured using SIX multi-item components of: Employee Development, Internal Market Research, Internal Communications, Performance Incentives, Management Support and Vision about Excellent Service. The effect of IM on job satisfaction, organizational commitment and student satisfaction was also tested using Smart PLS. However, the findings indicate that although IM has a significant effect on job satisfaction and organizational commitment, its effect is not substantial, which means that there are other drivers of job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Therefore, future research is encouraged to identify those drivers. Moreover, the effect of job satisfaction and organizational commitment on student satisfaction is not substantial, which means that although these two variables are necessary, they are not sufficient conditions to ensure student satisfaction. Keywords: internal marketing, student satisfaction, organizational commitment

      Anber A. Mohammad,Sh, " The Impact of Corporate Social responsibility toward employees on company Performance: A Jordanian study " , "INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY RESEARCH IN BUSINESS",Vol.6,No.5, Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in BusinessI JCRB , CANTERBURY , KENT , CT2 , UNITED KINGDOM, 09/05/2014 Abstract:
      Corporate social responsibility has a positive impact contributions to the development of society and businesses performance . The growing concentration to CSR is based on its capability to influence company performance. The CSR movement is diffusion over the world and in the recent years a large number of methods and frameworks have been developed, the majority being developed in the West. The current research focuses on the relationship between CSR and Jordanian Uomneh telecom company performance. Methodology: A case study questionnaire was administered to 120 participants in a large modern regional telecom company over a month in 2014, with results from Likert scales analysed using descriptive analysis, means and SDs to tabulate and analyzed. Results: Analysis of 101 suitable responses among company employees found a significant relationship between CSR and company performance at all the three HypothesesRecommendations: (1) Ensure a good psychological working place within the company and within the company by changed managerial in order to create better work place to satisfy the employees 2) Improve employee overall salary packages for employees which is based on productivity rewards. 3) To improve employees relation in Uomneh company devise an efficient means collaboratively to evaluate and reward the work Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, Performance, Jordan Uomneh telecom company.

      Shadi M.Altarifi, Su, " Determinants of E-Shopping and its Effect on Consumer Purchasing Decision in Jordan " , "International Journal of Business and Social Science",Vol.6,No.1, International Journal of Business and Social Science, Radford, Va. 24141 USA, 01/01/2015 Abstract:
      This study aims to examine electronic shopping determinants and their impact on consumer purchasing decision, and has addressed the three dimensions of the determinants of electronic shopping: the determinants of marketing and cultural determinants and determinants of marketing. The study population consists of online shoppers, which were randomly selected in the malls of Amman ( capital of Jordan), (500) questionnaires Were distributed , only (394) were subjected to statistical analysis, where the researcher used the statistical program (spss) to test hypotheses and answer the questions of the study. Researchers concluded that the determinants of marketing have insignificant influence the consumer purchasing decision, while cultural and technological determinants had significant influence on consumer buying decision. the researchers recommend protection strategies in the adoption of preventive ebusiness networks, which are made through the Internet and an intensive awareness programs aimed to show the advantages shopping services via the Internet. Keywords: E-shopping, purchasing Decision, consumer, Amman, Jordan

      The aim of this study is to develop a model that integrates brand identity, brand-life congruence, customer hotel brand identification (CHBI), and brand love into one model and to test its predictive power in explaining brand loyalty. The survey data were gathered from (432) guests who were staying

      Alnawas, Ibrahim., and Shadi Altarifi. (2017, forthcoming). Customer Emotional Regulation and Relationship Quality: Evidence from the Banking Industry. Journal of Financial Services Marketing (Palgrave-Macmillan)

  • Doctoral Dissertation

      د.شادي الطريفي, " أثر التوجه السوقي على اداء شركات نقل الطرود البريدية السريعة في الاردن: دراسة تطبيقية مقارنة " , "",Vol.,No., , , 11/09/2009

  • Master Thesis

      شادي الطريفي, " اثر مواد تنشيط المبيعات في اكتساب ميزة تنافسية للشركات المنتجة والمستفيدة من الحملات الترويجية " , "",Vol.,No., , , 11/09/2004
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