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Name : Ayad Al-Tememi

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 9308       Ext No 9308

Email :

Specialization: Bussiness Administration

Graduate Of: Al-Mustansiryah University






    Al-Mustansiryah University

Member of the Academic staff of the faculty

Associate Professor of Business Administration ( from 2006 to present ) ,

Assistant Professor of Business Administration ( 1998 to 2006 ) ,for the Degree students in Business and preparing study plans, giving lectures, participating in different committees, supervising researches.

  • Journal Paper

      Shaker Alkshali & Ay, " The Effect of Job Characteristics on Individuals Stress : Filed Study of a Sample of Private Hospitals in Jordan ". " , "Jordan Journal of Applied Science",Vol.7,No.1, Applied Science, Amman , Jordan, 02/15/2004 Abstract:
      The aim of this study is to identity the nature of the relation between job characteristics and job stress for private hospital employees in Amman City. As to achieve this aim the researchers have distributed a questionnaire prepared for this purpose on a sample of (336) employee’s selected on random basis. The study has reached to a result that the job done by the private hospitals working in Amman City has been designed in a proper shape, which includes all job characteristics of skills variety, task significance, task identity, autonomy and feedback, also it’s concluded that there is significance inverse relationship between skill variety, task significance, autonomy and feedback from one side and job stress from the other side, where as the study did not find any significance relation between job identity and job stress. Also the study indicated that there is a significance inverse relation between age and service period with job stress for the employees. The study includes also some recommendations mainly, the need to increase management interest of private hospitals in skills varieties, autonomy and investigate the nature of employee’s jobs, improvement of job carrier and increase training, so employees can acquire new skills. The need to review of some policies related to salaries and performance relation standards. Also to explain to the young employees and the less experienced of their job nature and the roles assigned to them

      Ayad Al-Tememi & sha, " The Impact of Managers Creativity Behavior on the Competitive Advantage of Food Industries in Jordan " , "Al-Basaer",Vol.8,No.2, University of Petra, Amman , Jordan, 10/06/2004 Abstract:
      This research attempts to explore the impact of managers’ creativity behavior on the competitive advantage of food industries in Jordan. For this purpose, a questionnaire was developed and distributed among a sample of (69) managers from (8) companies, in food industry. Results show a moderate medium level of both creativity behavior dimensions and competitive advantage dimensions, and a significant positive association between most of behavior dimensions and most of competitive advantage dimensions, and that creative behavior has significant impact on competitive advantage. Another result is that problem solving and rich communications have impact on all dimensions of competitive advantage, and management’s ability to manage change, and encouragement of creativity have impact on some dimensions of competitive advantage, but risk taking has no impact on competitive advantage. The study provides several recommendations to help overcome some of the shortcomings of managers’ creativity behavior Download

      Shaker Alkshali & Ay, " Factors Affecting Organizational Climat and their Relationship with Innovation A study Survey of Jordaian Commercial Banks " , "Jordan Journal of Applied Sciencs",Vol.9,No.1, Applied Sciencs University, Amman , Jordan, 01/17/2006 Abstract:
      The aim of this study is to identify the effect of the organizational climate in Jordanian commercial banks capabilities on innovating new working methods that enable it to introduce the best financial services to its clients. For the purpose the two researchers have distributed a questionnaire on a sample that consist of 340 working staff in five commercial banks in Jordan. The study revealed good levels of four dimension of organizational climate: policies and procedures, growth and carrier development, relationships and communications, and managerial style and leadership. A moderate level of decision making and authority delegation was revealed. The sixth and last dimension, which is related to work incentive, showed the lowest degree (acceptable level). As for innovation, results showed a higher level of banks’ tendency toward innovation compared with levels of organizational climate dimension. The result also showed that there is a significant effect of five components on the organizational climate towards banks ability on innovation such as: managerial and leadership manner, relations and communication, decision making and authority, policies and procedures and carrier progress and growth. As there is no significant effect on motivation towards banks’ ability on renewal and innovation. The study results also showed that there is a significant difference between personal character of the working staff such as sex, age, educational level, monthly salary and their attitude towards innovation by bank they work in. The study included some recommendations, which was directed towards weakness points and to make the commercial banks in Jordan more capable of innovation by making available better levels of the component that composes the organizational climate. Download

      Ayad Al-Tememi, " Impact of TQM on Employees Performance : Applied Study to a Sample of Jordanian Commercial Banks; " , "Al-Basaer",Vol.9,No.2, University of Petra, Amman , Jordan, 05/02/2005 Abstract:
      This study seeks to explore the impact of application of TQM dimensions on employees’ performance. TQM dimensions were identified as : continuous quality improvement , information – based decision making , top management support for TQM application , and focus on satisfying customers needs and desires. The Study covered (5) commercial banks with the highest market share price. The main results of the study were: (1) The Jordanian commercial banks applied all dimensions of TQM and with high levels. (2) All dimensions of TQM have an impact of high significance on employees’ performance, (3) The TQM dimensions : continuous quality improvement , top management support for TQM, focus on clients’ satisfaction, and information based decision making, respectively had the highest levels of impact on employees’ performance. The study provided a number of recommendations including the development of effective MIS to provide various units with up – to - date and information to enhance information based decision making, and the establishment of specialized units for service quality assurance and follow-up . Download

      Ayad Al-Tememi & Sha, " . The Impact of Environmental Uncertainty on Setting Strategic Objectives : Field Study on Jordanian Pharmaceutical Firms " , "ordan Journal of Business Administration",Vol.3,No.1, University of Jordan, Amman , Jordan, 01/10/2007 Abstract:
      This study attempts to explore the impact of environmental uncertainty (environment complexity and change) on setting strategic objectives (marketing, human, financial, material resources, profitability, productivity and social responsibility) of Jordanian pharmaceutical firms. The study covered a sample of 74 managers of different levels. Multiple regression method was used in testing hypotheses. Following are the main findings of the study: 1- The environment that surrounds the Jordanian pharmaceutical firms can be described as having a moderate level of uncertainty, and a god degree of management interest which allow firms to set well strategic objectives. 2- Environment complexity had no impact on setting all types of strategic objectives, except social responsibility objectives. 3- Environment change had an impact on setting all types of strategic objectives, except material resources, profitability and productivity objectives. The study provided a number of recommendations addressing some of the study findings. Download

      Shaker J. Alkshali &, " Impact of Strategic Leadership Styles On Organizational Learning: Field Study of Jordanian Manufacturing Firms " , "Jordan Journal of Business Administration",Vol.3,No.1, University of Jordan, Amman , Jordan, 04/20/2008 Abstract:
      This study aimed to examine the effect of styles of strategic transactional leadership (contingent rewards and management by exception) and transformational leadership (Individualized consideration, charismatic-inspiration and intellectual stimulation) on organizational learning (adaptive and generative). A questionnaire was administered with a sample of (128) managers in (16) manufacturing companies in Jordan. A number of statistical tools and indicators were used in accordance with study problem and purpose, among these was the multiple regression test. Results showed that transactional and transformational leadership had significant effect on organizational learning, with its two types. The study provided a number of recommendations, including reinforcing transformational leadership style in the management of manufacturing firms, in order to maximize employees’ contribution to generative organizational learning. Download

      Dr.Ayad Fadhil Altem, " Role of Intragroup Trust in Determining Knowledge Management Strategy: Empirical Study of Jordanian Private Universities " , "Jordan Journal of Applied Science",Vol.11,No.2, Applied Science University, Amman , Jordan, 06/18/2008 Abstract:
      The study aimed to investigate the relationship between intragroup trust and selection of Knowledge management strategy at the Jordanian private universities. Intragroup trust model included four dimensions: propensity to trust, perceived trustworthiness, cooperative behavior and monitoring behavior. Knowledge management strategies include: human oriented strategy and system oriented strategy. The study presented an overview of literature dealing with both intragroup trust and knowledge management strategies. Field data was collected via a questionnaire, developed for this purpose, and administered with a sample of (336)academician from academic programs at (13) private universities. A number of hypotheses was developed in light of literature review, several statistical methods were used to test these hypotheses, including correlation coefficient, linear regression coefficient, and variance analysis. Following is the main results and findings: 1. Positive association of statistical significance between human oriented strategy and system oriented strategy of knowledge management 2. Intragroup trust has significant impact on selecting knowledge management strategy by universities. The study provided a number of recommendations including the universities should try to transform academicians’ tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge that can be exchanged in writing or via intranet, in order to achieve integration between the two knowledge strategies. The study included several mechanisms to implement these recommendations. Download

      Dr.Ayad Al-Tememi & , " Organizational Culture and its Role in Participation in Decision Making: Field Study of Jordanian Information Technology Firms " , "Al-Basaer",Vol.13,No.1, University of Petra, Amman,Jordan, 09/08/2009 Abstract:
      The study aimed to investigate the role of organizational culture (OC) in participation in decision making (PDM). The model used four identified elements of (OC): collaboration, innovation, coherency, and effectiveness, and for (PDM), three elements: belief in participation effectiveness, perception of participation impact on manager’s power, and participation commitment. The study presented a review of literature focusing on (OC) and (PDM). Data was collected by a questionnaire distributed among a sample of (147) employees at information technology firms in Jordan in 2008. For testing the hypothesis, ANOVA was used. The study revealed the following results: 1. High level of implementation of various elements of (OC) and (PDM). 2. Significant differences were found in all elements of (PDM) attributed to elements of (OC). The study provided a number of recommendations including delegation of authority to all levels, more attention should be given to employees’ suggestion by managers, because ignoring their suggestions would have negative impact on employees’ motivation and (PDM). Download

      Ayad Al-Tememi & Ali, " Factors Affecting Buying Decision of Imported Home Electrical Appliances : A Filed Study of a Sample of Families in Greater Amman City " , "Jordan Journal of Applied Science",Vol.7,No.2, Applied Science University, Amman , Jordan, 12/12/2004 Abstract:
      This Stuty deals with the Jodanin Customers buying attitudes. Download

      د. اياد فاضل محمد ال, " • أثر تطبيق النظام النسبي في تصنيف الأداء في رضا العاملين ( دراسة تطبيقية في شركات الصناعات الدوائية الأردنية المدرجة في سوق عمان المالي ) " , "المجلة العلمية للإدارة ",Vol.9,No.2, الجمعية السعودية للإدارة , الرياض ، المملكة العربية السعودية , 09/15/2015 Abstract:
      بحث منشور تهدف الدراسة إلى قياس مستوى تطبيق النظام النسبي في تصنيف الأداء (RelativePerformance Rating System) وهي التسمية الحديثة لطريقة الترتيب والتوزيع الإجباري (Forced Distribution Rating Approach )، كما تهدف إلى قياس أثر تطبيق النظام النسبي في تصنيف الأداء (من خلال تبني تسعة ابعاد لتقييم الاداء تتمثل بالآتي: المعرفة بالعمل، والمبادرة، وجودة العمل، وكمية العمل، والمقدرة والاستعداد، والحكمة والمنطق، والمقدرة على الاتصال بكفاءة، والمقدرة على التخطيط والتنظيم ، والسلوك ) في رضا العاملين عن نتائج وطريقة التقييم. تم إجراء هذه الدراسة على عينة عشوائية طبقية متساوية مكونة من 293 عضو من العاملين بمختلف المستويات الإدارية في شركات الصناعات الدوائية المدرجة في سوق عمان المالي لعام 2012 . وبعد جمع البيانات وإجراء التحليل الإحصائي اللازم ، توصلت الدراسة إلى أن شركات الصناعات الدوائية الأردنية تقوم بتقييم أداء العاملين باستخدام كافة أبعاد تقييم الأداء المذكورة أعلاه بمستوى يتراوح بين جيد ومرتفع . كما أنها تطبق وبمستوى مرتفع النظام النسبي في تصنيف الأداء للعاملين. و أظهرت نتائج الدراسة أيضاً وجود تأثير سلبي ذو دلالة معنوية لتطبيق النظام النسبي في تصنيف الاداء في رضا العاملين عن نتائج تقييم الاداءفي هذه الشركات. Download

      تهدف هذه الدراسة إلى اختبار اثر مقومات التحالف الاستراتيجي في النجاح الاستراتيجي للبنوك التجارية العاملة في الأردن . مثلت مقومات التحالف الاستراتيجي المتغير المستقل للدراسة، وقد اعتمد الباحثان أربعة مقومات للتحالف الاستراتيجي وهي: الإطار المؤسساتي، تكاليف التعامل، ميزة الموارد، والخبرات التحالفية ال

      This study aims to identify the relationship between the creative capabilities of workers in 5-star hotels in the city of Amman and their cultural intelligence. In its measurement of the creative capabilities as an independent variable, the study adopted a scale consisting of three dimensions, namel

  • Conference paper

      د. اياد فاضل محمد ال, " • تحليل وتقيم الأداء المالي للبنوك الأردنية خلال السنوات (1998 ـ 2002) / عينة مختارة – دراسة مقارنة " , "",Vol.,No., , دمشق ، سوريا , 04/05/2005 Abstract:
      تهدف هذه الدراسة إلى التعرف على مستوى الأداء المالي لعينة مختارة من البنوك التجارية الأردنية وهي البنوك الاستثمارية الأردنية خلال السنوات (1998 - 2002)، وذلك باستخدام النسب المالية المعتمدة في تقييم الأداء المالي للبنوك، لمعرفة مستوى أدائها مقارنة مع مستوى الأداء المالي للبنوك التجارية الأخرى العاملة في السوق الأردني خلال سنوات الدراسة . ولأغراض تحقيق هدف الدراسة تم استخراج متوسط المؤشرات المالية المستخدمة في تقييم نشاط البنوك الاستثمارية عينة الدراسة وكفاءة تشغيل رأسمالها ونسب ربحيتها، كما تم استخراج المتوسط للمؤشرات ذاتها ( المعيار الصناعي ) لأحد عشر بنكاً يمثلون مجتمع الدراسة، ثم تمت المقارنة فيما بين المتوسطين. وقد توصلت الدراسة إلى ضعف إدارة الأموال واستخدامها لدى البنوك الاستثمارية الأردنية، وأتضح ذلك من خلال وجود فائض كبير في كمية النقد الذي تحتفظ به البنوك الاستثمارية سواء على صورة نقد في الصندوق أو لدى البنوك الأخرى ، كما أظهرت الدراسة انخفاض في معدل العائد على رأس المال المدفوع للبنوك. وخلصت الدراسة إلى مجموعة من التوصيات التي يمكن الأخذ بها لمواجهة انخفاض العوائد التي حققتها البنوك عينة الدراسة خلال السنوات التي تم بحثها. Download

  • Doctoral Dissertation

      اياد فاضل محمد التمي, " • أثر تخطيط وتخصيص موارد المنظمة في الأداء – مدخل اٍستراتيجي – دراسة تطبيقية في القطاع الصناعي العراقي المختلط – أطروحة الدكتوراه . " , "",Vol.,No., , Baghdad , Iraq, 10/12/1996 Abstract:
      تنطلق اهمية البحث من كونها تمثل اطارا شموليا لاختبار العلاقة والتأثير لبيئة المهمة في الاستراتيجيات التنافسية العامة ، وعمليات تخيصيص موارد المنظمة وتوزيعها بشكل أمثل ، وهي احدى متطلبات عمليات التنفيذ الاستراتيجي ، ومستوى أداء المنظمة
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