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Name : hatem alsarairah

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 6124       Ext No 6124

Email :

Specialization: history and political Sciences

Graduate Of: Indiana University

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    Indiana University
    United States of America

  • Book

      Hatem Ahmad Alsarair, " A British Actor on the Bedouin Stage " , "A British Actor on the Bedouin Stage; Glubb's career in Jordan 1930-1956 ",Vol.,No., Ministry of Culture, Amman- Jordan, 06/07/2000 Abstract:
      This book is handling one of the most critical moments of Jordan history. It discussing in details the British Mandate in jordan from political, economic and social aspects. It gave special attention to the Arab Legion's Commander in Chief between 1939 and 1956" Sir John Baggot Glubb as one of Imperialistic era's symbol. The value of this study lies in its extensive usage of british documents that existed in the Public Record Office in London. it is written in english.

      Hatem Ahmad Alsarair, " قصر الملك عبدالله في معان دراسة تاريخية معمارية1994 " , "King Abdullah's Palace in Ma'an",Vol.,No., Mu'tah Univ., Amman/ Jordan, 07/01/1994 Abstract:
      This book is discussing King Abdullah first arrival in Jordan, his meetinges with delegations from all over syria and his efforts to build a state in jordan. it discussed in details why King Abdullah had stayed at his palace in Ma'an for more than four monthes. and how the people of Ma'an had recieved and helped him in fulfilling his & the Arab'soales lately. It existed in arabic language

      Hatem Ahmad Alsarair, " وسام معان وسام هاشمي1919 " , "Ma'an Decoration",Vol.,No., Mu'tah Univ., Amman/ Jordan, 10/01/1994 Abstract:
      This book is handling the Great Arab Revolt in early 20th centuery, its main purpose is to itroduce the reader with the names of the personnel who particepate in the revolt and were honered of being handed the special decoration that was made for such occasion. The book is written in arabic.

      Muhammad Hussyn Mah, " فنون التاريخ العسكري في أرض الحشد والرباط " , "فنون ",Vol.,No., Ministry of Culture, Amman, Jordan, 08/03/2005 Abstract:
      This book is discussing the role that Jordan's land served throughout the incient and Islamic era. It discussed all batteles that occured on the soil of ancient Transjordan and Islamic Jordan. the value of the book lies on its try of shedding light on the importance of jordans' landscape and its location which helped the islamic conquest of normal syria early in 7th century. It also discussed the role that had been played by islamic leaders during the crusaides, when jordan had served the gate of palestine liberation during Saladdin's era. the book has been written in arabic.

      Hatem ahmad Alsarair, " مدرسة السلط سيرةومسيرة جزءان " , "Alsalt School, History & performance",Vol.,No., Mu'tah Univ., Amman- Jordan, 01/01/1997 Abstract:
      This book is handling the story of Alsalt scool and its progress since its establishment in the Ottoman era untill mid 20th century. the importance of this study lies in its effort in introducing the learning system in Transjordan in Ottoman era and the cultural life in early years of the Emirate era. The study is indespensible for any scholar who wants to have knowledge of learning system and state in early Jordan. The study exists in two volumes, and it is written in Arabic

      Hatem Ahmad Alsarair, " مدرسة الكرك. رحلة المائة عام; " , "Al-Karak School; a Hundred Year Trib",Vol.,No., Mu'tah Univ., Amman/ Jordan, 12/29/1994 Abstract:
      This book is discussing learning & teaching methods and curriculums in late Ottoman era and early emerate era in Jordan. It discussed in details the story and progress of one of the most incient schooles in Jordan, and its role in graduating many of jordan leaderships. the value of this study lies in its extensive usage of ottoman and Jordanian documents. The study exists in arabic language.

      د. حاتم الصرايرة و آخرون, " التربية الوطنية " , "دار كنوز عمان ",Vol.,No., دار كنوز, , 11/11/2016

  • Journal Paper

      Hatem Ahmad Alsarair, " حركة حامد " , "Mu'tah Lil-Buhuth wad-Dirasat",Vol.14,No.3, Mu'tah Univ., Kerak, Jordan, 01/01/2010 Abstract:
      This is an analytic study of amovement that took place in the region of Hejaz-Nejed early in in 20th century. It studied "Ibn Rifada's" movement,its causes, its progress & its cosequencies. this revolt has reflected the political, economic and social situation that the region of Hejaz had witnessed since its occupation by Alsa'aude in mid-twenties. This study however, shed a light on the relations that existed between the government of Hejaz-Nejed and its neighbouring govts on one side & with the mandatory power on th other. This study is considered to be an archival one which is thoroughly depended on the documents that existin the Public Record Office. It consulted almost every correspondence & Memo that had been exchanged either between the British officials in arab countries and theirgovt. in London or between them & the local authorities in Arab countries.

      Hatem Ahmad Alsarair, " الاحداث السياسية الداخليه والخارجية في الاردن لعام 1924 " , "الأحداث السياسيه و التهديدات الداخليه و الخارجيه في الأردن في عام 1924",Vol.20,No.2, Jordan Univ., Amman/ Jordan, 01/01/1999 Abstract:
      This paper is shedding lights on the events that Jordan had witnessed in 1924. the year in which the Ottomans had apolished the position of the Islamic Caliphate.King Hussien of Hejaz had the intention of reclaiming that position. During his visit to Transjordan Sherif Hussien tryed to test the loyalty of his ex- Allies once again and agreed to accept the homage of some arabs' delegates. This event, however forced the Mandatory Power to take drastic measuers against Transjordan Govt. who were obliged to accept the British Memo of 1924. This article study and examined every aspect of those events in a critic manner depending on British archievs.

      Hatem Ahmad Alsaraira-Maram Fuad AbuAL nadi, " قوة حدود شرق الأردن 1926-1948 " في ضوء الوثائق البريطانية " دراسة وصفية تحليلية " , "المجلة الإنسانية الإجتماعية - دراسات - الجامعة الأردنية",Vol.2020,No., المجلة الإنسانية الإجتماعية - دراسات - الجامعة الأردنية, Amman-Jordan, 09/01/2020 Abstract:
      This study aims to shed some light on the British-made force that had been created under the name of "Trans-Jordan Frontier Force in1926-1948", and the real objectives behind the British move. It will tackle its mission in and outside Jordanian boarders and to what extent it had succeeded in fulfilling its duties. This study will examine every bet of archive in the disposal of the author in order to put the reader in a broader image vis-a-vis its personnel, their nationalities and British government's obligations towards them. Ordinance and regulations that had been set for the force by British government will be thoroughly examined.

      Hatem Ahmad Alsarair, " the White man's needs for colonies"Mythes and realities" " , "Mu'tah Lil-Buhuth Wad-Dirasat",Vol.15,No.5, Mu'tah Univ., Kerak, Jordan, 03/08/2000 Abstract:
      This paper aims at sheding light on the European Imperial phenomenon in the 19th century. It discusses the European Imperialism in general and that of Britain in particular. Several European scholars written about the subject, but with or without intention, they refrained from investigating the matter from the victim's point of view which reflects the attitude of the opressed towards the agressors. the value of this paper lies in showing the other side of imperialism. It argues against european claims that had been used to colonize and confiscate other nations' lands & fortunes.

      DR. Maram Abu Alnadi -Dr .Hatem saraireh, " THE STATUS QUO OF LEADERSHIP SKILLS OF HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS AT ZARQA EDUCATION DIRECTORATE II FROM THEIR’S POINT OF VIEW " , "Modern Applied science",Vol.,No., Canadian Center, , 09/08/2018 Abstract:
      This study will shed some lights on the state of leadership skills of senior students at schools of 2nd Educational Directory from theirs perspective. The study used descriptive method, and a questionnaire is set up from (20) paragraph. The validity and reliability of study's means were justified. T

      Dr. Maram Fuad Abu Al Nadi University of Petra - Amman – Jordan .jo Dr. Hatem Ahmed Al sarairah, " The Reality of Vocational Education in public Secondary Vocational Schools in Jordan from the Viewpoint of Vocational Schools Teachers " , "المجلة التربوية الأردنية - الجمعية الأردنية للعلوم التربوية ",Vol.2021,No., 2520-7555, Amman-Jordan, 09/02/2020 Abstract:
      The study aimed at finding out the reality of vocational education in public secondary schools in Jordan from the viewpoint of vocational schools teachers. The study used the descriptive methodology. A questionnaire consisting of (28) paragraphs was developed. The validity and reliability of the too
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