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Name : Raed Ahmad Momani

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 9210       Ext No 9500

Email :

Specialization: Marketing

Graduate Of: Rajasthan University

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    M.S University of Barouda
    M.S University of Barouda
    Rajasthan University

·        Director Of Evening Studies –University of Petra -1/9/200  Till now    

·        Assistant Professor –University of Petra -1/9/2006 till now

·        Assistant Professor – University of Amman-2005 -2006

·        Assistant Professor – University of Irbid-2002 -2004


  • Journal Paper

      dr.raed momani , dr., " 5- The Effect Of Positioning Strategy On Constructing A competitive Advantage -A Case Study Of Jordanian Insurance Companies – published At magazine, Al Quds open university- Ramallah, 17-12-2011 " , "",Vol.,No., , , 12/24/2011 Abstract:
      ملخص: كان الهدف من هذه الدراسة هو التعرف على أثر إستراتيجية الإحلال على بناء الميزة التنافسية، وتقديم التوصيات في مجال بناء إستراتيجية لشركات التأمين قادرة على بناء الميزة التنافسية ، وذلك من خلال التعرف على أبعاد إستراتيجية الإحلال وأثرها على خلق هذه الميزة لشركات التأمين في الأردن،وتوصلت الدراسة إن وجود أثر كبير لجميع أبعاد إستراتيجية الإحلال على بناء الميزة التنافسية والتي تمثلت في عنصر الجودة كأحد أبعاد الإحلال وأثره على العميل الأردني عند اختياره لأي شركة تأمين في الأردن، كما ظهر أن لبعد المنفعة أثر واضح أيضا على بناء الميزة التنافسية لشركات التأمين، لإضافة إلى أهمية السعر في هذا المجال، كما أظهرت الدراسة أن المنافسة قوية بين شركات التأمين في الأردن والتي أظهرت أثرها على بناء الميزة التنافسية لهذه الشركات، فجميع هذه الأبعاد أظهرت أثرها الإيجابي على بناء الميزة التنافسية لشركات التأمين، مما يقودها إلى الاهتمام بها وتطبيقها بعناية فائقة. Summary: The objective of the research is to study the dimensions of positioning strategy, and its affect on constructing a competitive advantage, this research has been applied on Jordanian insurance companies. The research conclude that there are a great affect of all dimension on building a competitive advantage such as, quality as one of these positioning dimension, also utility and price have been marked affect on competitive advantage of insurance companies in Jordan. The research shows a considerable competition among these companies in Jordan, and this appeared through studding these dimensions. Which shows its affect on competitive advantage on those companies. So all dimension shows a positive affect on competitive advantage for these companies in Jordan which lead them to give consideration to these dimension by put them into practice and ultra- attention. Download

      Dr. sima magatef, Dr, " 6- The Affect Of Promotion Mix On The Buying Addiction Of Jordanian Women – Published At Algeria university- Setif 1, no 11-2011 P (33-58). " , "",Vol.,No., , , 11/01/2011 Abstract:
      Summary: The study aimed to identify the affect of promotion mix on the shopping addiction by Jordanian women, to come out with conclusion and suggestions. The study has conclude that there are a relationship between promotion mix and shopping addiction by Jordanian women. And there where noticeable affect of all elements on the shopping addiction of Jordanian women, but with different levels, where the public relation was the most affective element of promotion mix, then come out in sequence advertising, personal selling and sales promotion. The study also has conclude that the addiction of buying influenced by demographic factors, in this regard the recognize the affect of these factors on addiction of Jordanian women towards excessive buying which is variable with age, education, occupation, income, resident, and marital states. The study has recognize that in the age categories the young women was more frequently buying than others. While in the categories of marital states and occupation the single women and unemployed have more frequent buying than others in the same categories. The rest of categories have less excessive and more rational in buying. Finally I found that all the promotion mix shown a positive affect on the addiction of Jordanian women on buying which lead to give a considerable attention to these elements and apply it professionally and affectively.

      Dr. raed momani, Dr., " 4- The affect of the sales promotion tools on the Jordanian consumer buying decision (A case study of convenience goods)- Published At Algeria University – Messila – No: 8 /2012 " , "",Vol.,No., , , 02/21/2012 Abstract:
      Abstract; The research attempt to study the affect of sales promotion tools on the Jordanian buying decision of convenience goods to explore how these tools affect his buying decision process, and present suggestions that build appropriate strategies of sales promotion which able to effect his decision. The study conclude that all sales promotion tools had direct and powerful influence on the buying decision of Jordanian consumer but with variation percentage, the most effective tool of sales promotion the research found is free samples, then come the rest of the tools, in the other side the research also found the affect of point - of – purchase displays has been nearly weak and money refund has been very weak on the effect of Jordanian buying decision.

      Dr.sima magatef, dr., " 1- The Effect Of Marketing Relationship Dimension On Creating Customers Loyalty “A Case Study Of Cellular Communication Companies” – published at commercial faculty - Sohaj - Egypt- 2014 " , "",Vol.,No., , , 02/21/2014 Abstract:
      Abstract: The purpose of this study is to identify the dimensions of relationship marketing (RM) and its affect on creating customer loyalty in cellular communication companies in Jordan. Afield survey of cellular communication companies' customers was conducted by using questionnaire. The data were analyzed to determine the key dimensions of (RM) which create customer loyalty. The most significant dimension is customer satisfaction and mutual confidence between the company and customers. It was shown also that there is a positive effect of the dimensions of obligation and communication between the two parties. This study indicated that the application of all (RM) dimensions of these companies effectively & efficiently will be able to create customer loyalty toward companies, especially in a competitive market like Jordan.

      Dr. raed momani, Dr., " 2- The Effect Of Using web sites On Banking services -A Case Study Of Jordanian Commercial Banks - published at commercial faculty - Sohaj- Egypt - 2014 " , "",Vol.,No., , , 02/21/2014 Abstract:
      Abstract: The aim of this study was to determine the effect of using websites to banking services and its impact on creating loyalty among customers of some banks in Jordan, and has adopted this study on a field report by designing a questionnaire distributed to clients a range of banks in the city of Amman, has been collecting data for analysis in order to identify the key dimensions that affect the rate of use of the electronic services customers of these banks. The results showed that all dimensions of the use of websites have a significant impact and effective frequent use of these sites, most notably the fears and threats, website design, train and educate customers to use the site, marketing communications, after satisfaction which has had the greatest impact, followed after mutual trust between parties, which also showed a positive impact on creating loyalty among customers, as demonstrated by the positive impact also after me commitment and communication between the two parties.

      Dr. raed momani, " 3- Analyzing the relationship between behavioral and cultural market orientation , its impact on performance of Jordanian insurance companies and the role of marketing information system, published at al Najah university - no: 27-2013 " , "",Vol.,No., , , 06/01/2013

      The research attempt to study the affect of sales promotion tools on the Jordanian buying decision of convenience goods to explore how these tools affect his buying decision process, and present suggestions that build appropriate strategies of sales promotion which able to effect his decision. The

      The aim of this paper is to study the impact of brand dimensions on purchasing decision of shopping goods on the Jordanian consumers. The paper emphasizes a number of variables such as; loyalty, quality, marketing communications, historical tradition, and country of origin. The researcher will st

      This study aims to identify the impact of the sales revitalization of the decision to buy children's meals at fast-food restaurants, this study was conducted on the parents of children in Jordan, who attend these restaurants accompanied by their children, due to lack of children's ability to fill in

      This study aims to identify the impact of internal marketing on the performance of employees in Jordanian private hospitals sector. This study was conducted on all employees of several administrative levels in this sector. The study also aims to find out the impact of independent variables namely, i

      This study aims to identify the impact of social network on the financial and non-financial performance of small business firms. This study conducted on a group of firms in Jordan, where the number of employees ranges from 1-30. Two main sectors have been selected, namely, clothes, cosmetics and des

      This study aims at identifying the effect of using celebrities in advertising on the purchase decision of Jordanian women to buy personal care products. The questionnaire has been selected to study the effect of independent variables on the dependent variable. 500 questionnaires were distributed ov
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