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Name : Abdul Rahman Al Natour

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 9236       Ext No 9236

Email :

Specialization: Accounting

Graduate Of: University of Nottingham

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    Yarmouk University
    Yarmouk University
    University of Nottingham
    United Kingdom

  • Journal Paper

      A Al-Dmour, H Zaidan, A Alnatour, " The Usefulness of Analysts’ Target Prices to Foreign Institutional Investors: U.S. Evidence " , "Australasian Accounting, Business and Finance Journal",Vol.14,No., University of Wollongong, Australia, 12/09/2020 Abstract:
      This paper investigates whether foreign institutional investors in the United States earn future returns by responding to analysts target price revisions. to examine this issue, this study is using firm fixed effect and industry fixed effect regression in order to examine the effect of using analyst Download

      A Al-Dmour, H Zaidan, A Alnatour, " The impact knowledge management processes on business performance via the role of accounting information quality as a mediating factor " , "VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems",Vol.TBC,No., Emerald Group Publishing Ltd, United Kingdom, 07/19/2021 Abstract:
      Purpose This study aims to empirically investigate the role of accounting information quality (AIQ) as a mediating factor in the relationship between knowledge management (KM) processes and business performance (BP) of the financial institutions (FI) operating in Jordan. Design/methodology/appro

      Manaf Al-Okaily, Abdul Rahman Al Natour, Farah Shishan, Ahmed Al-Dmour, Rasha Alghazzawi, Malek Alsharairi, " Sustainable FinTech Innovation Orientation: A Moderated Model " , "Sustainability",Vol.13(24),No., Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, Switzerland, 12/09/2021 Abstract:
      Financial technology (otherwise known as FinTech) refers to a type of technology and innovation that tries to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. Despite the importance of this technology in people’s financial transactions in improving the management of their financial o Download

      Hala Zaidan , Abdulrahman Al-Natour and Ahmed Al-Dmour , " Audit Quality in China: Evidence from Audit Market Development and Split-share Structure Reform " , "Jordan Journal of Business Administration",Vol.17 (4),No., DAR Publishers/The University of Jordan, Jordan - Amman, 01/01/2021 Abstract:
      This study examines audit quality in China over the period 2003 to 2014. In particular, we study the period where two main structural reforms took place in China and investigate how they affect audit quality. The first of these is the privatization of Local State-owned Enterprises (LSOEs) through

      Abdulrahman Al Natour, Majed Qabajeh, Ayman Al-Shanti, " The Impact of China's Recent Structural Reforms on Listed Firms' Auditor Choice " , "Universal Journal of Accounting and Finance",Vol.10(3),No., Horizon Research Publishing, USA, 05/01/2022 Abstract:
      This paper studies the tendency towards developing China's national accounting industry against the international Big 4 accounting firms. Studying a Chinese sample from 2003 to 2014, covering the recent structural reforms (i.e., the Split-share Structure Reform (SSSR) in 2005 and the announcement of Download

      ِAbdul Rahman Al Natour; Rasmi Meqbel; Salah Kayed; Hala Zaid, " The Role of Sustainability Reporting in Reducing Information Asymmetry: The Case of Family- and Non-Family-Controlled Firms " , "Sustainability",Vol.14(11),No., Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, Switzerland, 05/28/2022 Abstract:
      This study aims to examine the link between sustainability reporting and information asymmetry in family- and non-family-controlled firms for a sample of 641 UK firms listed in the FTSE all-share index during the period 2010–2017. The findings show a negative and significant relationship between sus Download

  • Conference paper

      Hala Zaidan, Hiba Abu Hijleh, Hamzah Al Mawali, Abdul Rahman Al Natour and Manaf Al-Okaily, " Influence of Liquidity, Solvency on Banks' Profitability: The Moderating Role of Net Revenues " , "The International Conference on Global Economic Revolutions: The Era of the Digital Economy",Vol.238,No., Springer International Publishing, Ahlia University, Bahrain., 09/16/2021 Abstract:
      The evaluation of liquidity and solvency are vital to ensure the banks' profitability and competitive advantage. Consequently, the research’s proposed model in the current paper investigated the interaction relationships between liquidity, solvency on banks' profitability based on the trade-off theo

      Hamza Alqudah, Abdul Rahman Al Natour, Mahmoud Al-Kofahi, Mohd Shaari Abd Rahman, Thaer Ahmad Abutaber, and Manaf Al-Okaily, " Determinants of the Cashless Payment Systems Acceptance in Developing Countries: Evidence from Jordanian Public Sector Employees. " , "The International Conference on Global Economic Revolutions: The Era of the Digital Economy",Vol.238,No., Springer International Publishing, Ahlia University, Bahrain., 09/16/2021 Abstract:
      Cashless payment systems (CPS), known as mobile payment systems is one of the most promising systems that has emerged in recent times and could prove to have important value to promote digital financial inclusion targets. Even though the huge advantages of these systems, their acceptance by users' i
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