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Name : Jamal Altaraireh

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 9138       Ext No 9138

Email :

Specialization: Accounting

Graduate Of: Amman-Arab University for Graduate Studies






    Jordan University
    Jordan University
    Amman-Arab University for Graduate Studies

007- University of Petra
 Assistant Professor in Accounting Division.
2005 - 2007 Department of President Affairs(U.A.E / Abu-Dhabi)
 Address the financial risks and workflow weakness in the existing work environment for the entire department.
 Recommending practical alternatives with optimal risk and meet the business requirements with minimum time and efforts.
 Participating in Project management team and quality assurance for the functionalities and output generated from the implemented software applications.
 Preparation of financial statements and expenditure analysis for interim period's / annual financial reports.
 Closure of pending financial statements and maintains up to date statements for the same.
 Modify the chart of accounts for real-estate division to meet the accounting standard as well as the management requirements.
 Change the existing hierarchy of cost allocation methodology which assists in analyzing expenditures in millions and reallocate it correctly.
 Participate in establishing new office for the department in Al Ain and setup the rules and regulations for the entire office.
 Control the financial aspects for Al Ain office (i.e. preparing interim financial reports, bank and main office accounts reconciliations).
 Setup business rules and procedures for several roles in HR sections (i.e. personnel policy, appraisal forms, inward/outward).
 Setup business rules and procedures for several roles in Purchase & Inventory sections (i.e. purchase policy, appraisal forms, inward/outward).
2004 - 2005 Audit Bureau of Jordan
 Visiting government department to audit there accounts
 Studying government performance account to improve quality of Audit.
 Auditing Public budget, Public debt, cost benefit analyses, other importance files in government of Jordan.
 Team manager for evaluate government performance.
 Audit government enterprise organization.
1995 – 2004 Bank of Jordan
 Visiting all organizational Units (Branches and Head Office Department).
 Verifying that the A.M. Units in Commitment with Administrative instructions and rules of head office and Central Bank. I.e. (Credits, Deposits, LC's, LG’s, Foreign exchange currencies, etc......).
 Verifying that all kind of records, statements and files are well organized kept and signed in accordance with instructions of head office.
 Reviewing all accounts of organizational units, accounting transactions and financial statements in accordance with external parties requirements (central bank and external auditing agency).
 Inventory of fixed assets in accordance with financial records.
 Verifying of good performance of internal control and no failures may occur.
 Reporting to direct manager about organizational units, which we visit in order to allow the audit committee & high management level to take suitable procedures, which improve the performance of organization in general.
 Participating in Committees of inspecting and developing financial computerized systems.
1992 – 1995 Central Bank of Jordan 1991 – 1992 Cairo Amman Bank

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