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Name : Firas Omar

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 9231       Ext No 9231

Email :

Specialization: Computer Information systems

Graduate Of: Brunel- London University

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    Sunderland University
    United Kingdom
    Brunel- London University
    United Kingdom

Assistant Professor

June 2018 – Present

E-business & Commerce

University of Petra - Jordan


Assistant Professor:

September 2012-June 2018

Software Engineering Department

Zarqa University - Jordan


ABET accreditation Officer:

Plan, develop and execute the overall ABET accreditation procedures in the Software Engineering department within the IT faculty.


-Quality assurance officer:


Plan, develop and execute the overall Quality Assurance strategy for the IT faculty in accordance with the institution if the higher education accreditation institution.


Mentor other QA process cross the different faculty departments.


Recommended developed and reviewed QA standards policies and procedures for all functions involved with or related to the quality and testing in accordance with University standards.


Doctor of Philosophy:

Department of Information system, Brunel University, United Kingdom, November 2009-August

My research area falls under the category of HCI. What to do in order to enhance the process of human interaction with computers.


Lecturer (Part Time):

Brunel University, London, UK, Oct 2011-2012

Duties: Teaching Usability Engineering for 2nd year Undergraduate students.


Graduate Teaching Assistant: 2010-2012

Department of Information System, Brunel University, United Kingdom, April2010-2102
Duties: Providing Teaching assistance for under graduate and
postgraduate level.
The Modules are:


   Level 2 Project

   Usability Engineering


IT consultant

The International Training and Development Academy (ITDA), London, United Kingdom, May 2011 - December 2011



   Transform our research and consultation into Creative Tools, Practical Techniques, and

Applied Solutions to remain leaders in our field, achieve your goals, increase revenue and turn customers into loyal brand advocates.


   Marketing and Technology Researcher, Middle East Region

Technical Support Engineer

TDM Group Ltd, UK & Middle East branch April 2008 - June 2009

 Handling customer direct calls and requests by phone and solve the issues they may have on daily bases

Keep the customer updates with the status of his incident

Experienced in Microsoft Exchange

Experienced in Active directory

Logging cases and incidents for several issues and companies

On field engineer management dispatching and scheduling in London UK

Manages purchase orders in order to give direct instruction to on-field engineers in London UK

Preparing and submitting weekly reports to the management in London UK

Responsibility of server backup tasks carried out in London UK

Distribution of tasks for the support team

Arrange and manage communications between our team and the other teams in order to

achieve highest performance and optimum service to our customers


  • Journal Paper

      F.Omar, " Doctor appointment application: A user experience experiment " , "International Journal of Engineering & Technology ",Vol.7 (4) (2018) 2477-2480,No., International Journal of Engineering & Technology, United Arab Emirates , 09/01/2018 Abstract:
      Designing an application with elevated usability is the aim of the study. The more usable, more positive user experience we are achieving. The medical field is currently experiencing low UX applications and interfaces. The study will strive to address the healthcare systems in Jordan. While taking t

      F.Omar, " Car Accidents Prevention System " , "International Journal of Computer Applications ",Vol.Volume 182 – No. 14, September 2018,No., International Journal of Computer Applications , USA, 09/01/2018 Abstract:
      With today’s busy life, it is imperative to conserve any spare time as we spend generous amount of our daily time driving. Using arduino sensors to send notifications to the nearby drivers in the occasion of any accidents or road blockage will defiantly achieve the purpose of t

      F.Omar , A.Nabot, " Ease of Use and Its Effect on User Decision of Adopting New Method of Car Rental Service " , "Int. Journal of Engineering Research and Applications",Vol.Vol. 6, Issue 4,No., IJERA, India, 04/01/2016 Abstract:
      The effective collaboration of multidisciplinary fields of software engineering and business will eventually lead to a better understanding of UX and how to use such in our daily life .This paper spots the light on the how can we improve the user experience of using a int

  • Conference paper

      Omar,F. Love, S, " Mobile phone Vs PC Internet Browsing in Jordan " , "Proceedings of HCI 2011",Vol.25th,No., British Computer Society, Newcastle, UK, 07/01/2011 Abstract:
      Mobile internet technology is spreading day by day around the world. The importance of such technology relates to its ability to allow access to the internet any time or any place. Despite the progress made in the mobile internet field, there are still some difficulties in using it. Some of these di
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