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Name : Dr. Nidal M Hussein

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 2222       Ext No 2222

Email :

Specialization: Environmental Engineering

Graduate Of: University of Windsor






    University of Windsor

  • Journal Paper

      Basim K Jerw, Nidal M. Hussein, " Management of Multi-Lane Highways in Jordan (Case Study), " , "Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering",Vol.,No., Jordan University of Science and Technology, , 01/30/2018 Abstract:
      Transportation industry is basically a service sector component. It is of important concern for traffic engineers and planners to understand and evaluate the quality of service provided by transport facilities. Highway Capacity Manual (HCM), with all its revisions since 1950, is the pioneer document in this area. It quantified the concept of capacity for a transport facility and laid the foundations for estimating the level of service (LOS) being provided by that facility to its users. This study is concerned with traffic and highway management through evaluating and improving a multi-lane highway in Jordan. It was conducted on Amman–Jerash multi-lane rural highway as a case study. The highway is considered as a major arterial highway with high traffic volume in Jordan. The traffic data was collected from the government records at several departments in the Ministry of Public Works and Housing during summer in the year 2014. HCS-2000 and HCS-2010 software were used to evaluate the level of service (LOS) for the existing condition (year 2014), short-term condition (year 2019) and mid-term condition (year 2024). The evaluation shows that some of the highway segments are operating at LOS-E or LOS-F for short-term and mid-term conditions. The highway segments that operated at LOS-E or LOS-F for short-term or mid-term conditions were improved by modifying the geometric and traffic conditions in order to operate the highway on better LOS, such as LOS-C or LOS-D. Management flow diagrams were prepared to help decision makers make use of a guide planning program for all rural multi-lane highways in Jordan Download

      Nidal M. Hussein, " Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Potential of Jordan's Utility Scale Wind and Solar Projects " , "Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering",Vol.,No., Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, , 09/30/2016 Abstract:
      Jordan’s high reliance on foreign energy sources forced the country to reconsider its energy consumption policies and address the issue of reliance on international energy markets for direct imports. Moreover, renewable energy sources offer important environmental, social and economic benefits. Wind and Solar energy, in particular, carries a very good potential in solving the energy problem in Jordan, diversify its energy supplies and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. This paper focuses on the Green House Gas (GHG) emission reduction associated with the implementation of Jordan energy strategy's solar and wind projects. Four different scenarios were investigated based on the replaced traditional fuel type used for electricity generation that the proposed project will replace. The study shows that the proposed solar and wind project will result in a significant reduction of the country's projected greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of 1.93 – 3.21 mega tons of CO2e annually. Download

      Nidal M. Hussein and Abdul-Fattah A. Asfour, " Densities and Kinematic Viscosities of Ten Binary 1-Alkanol Liquid Systems at Temperatures of (293.15 and 298.15) K " , "Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data",Vol.,No., American Chemical Society, , 09/02/2009 Abstract:
      The densities and viscosities of ten binary mixtures of 1-propanol, 1-pentanol, 1-heptanol, 1-nonanol, and 1-undecanol have been measured over the entire composition range at temperatures of (293.15 and 298.15) K. The experimental data were employed to test the predictive capabilities of viscosity

      Orabi S. Al Rawi, Mohammed N. Assaf and Nidal M. Hussein, " EFFECT OF SAND ADDITIVES ON THE ENGINEERING PROPERTIES OF FINE GRAINED SOILS " , "Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences",Vol.,No., Asian Research Publishing Network , , 05/01/2018 Abstract:
      An experimental research was conducted to investigate the improvement in the engineering characteristics of a cohesive soil after being mixed with gradual increments of sand. To verify the above purpose, several laboratory tests were performed for both the original and mixed soils. These tests wer

      Nidal M. Hussein, Abdul-Fattah A. Asfour and Orabi Al-Rawi, " Viscosity and Density of 1-Alkanol (C3–C11) Quaternary and Quinary Systems at Different Temperature Levels " , "Jordanian Journal of Engineering and Chemical Industries",Vol.1,No., Jordanian Journal of Engineering and Chemical Industries, Assalt, Jordan, 07/01/2019 Abstract:
      The measured kinematic viscosity and density and the calculated absolute viscosity for selected quaternary and quinary n-alkanol mixtures are presented in this study. The mixtures are composed of 1-propanol, 1-pentanol, 1-heptanol, 1-nonanol, and 1-undecanol. Both the kinematic viscosity and density Download

      Nidal M. Hussein, Abdul-Fattah A. Asfour, " An Experimental Study of the Viscometric and Volumetric Properties of 1-Alkanol (C3 – C11) Ternary Systems at Different Temperature Levels. " , "Internatıonal Journal of Natural and Engineering Sciences",Vol.12,No., Internatıonal Journal of Natural and Engineering Sciences, Turkey, 03/01/2018 Abstract:
      Kinematic viscosity-composition and density-composition data of ten ternary systems containing 1-propanol, 1-pentanol, 1-heptanol, 1-nonanol, and 1-undecanol have been experimentally measured and reported in this study. Seven intermediate composition points and pure components densities and kinema Download

      Nidal M. Hussein and Mohammed N. Assaf, " Multispectral Remote Sensing Utilization for Monitoring Chlorophyll-a Levels in Inland Water Bodies in Jordan " , "The Scientific World Journal",Vol.2020,No., Hindawi, UK, 08/07/2020 Abstract:
      This study focuses on the utilization of multispectral satellite images for remote water-quality evaluation of inland water body in Jordan. The geophysical parameters based on water’s optical properties, due to the presence of optically active constituents, are used to determine contaminant level in Download

  • Conference paper

      Nidal M. Hussein, " Study of the Utilization of PV Technology in Mosques in Jordan: Case study " , "Isra International Engineering Conference",Vol.,No., Isra University, , 04/08/2005 Abstract:
      The rising cost of importing energy in Jordan has forced the government to reconsider its energy consumption policies and address the issue of reliance on international energy markets for direct imports. Solar energy in particular carries a very good potential to give an alternative that can help Download

      Ziad Al-Ghazawi, Nidal M. Hussein and Zaid Abdelkhaleq, " Impacts of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) on the Trends of COVID 19 Pandemic in selected MENA Region Countries " , "9th Jordan International Chemical Engineering Conference (JICHEC9)",Vol.2021,No., JEA, Amman - Jordan , 10/12/2021 Abstract:
      This study covers eleven Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) countries and aimed to analyze the impact of public health and societal measures (hereunder called non-pharmaceutical interventions-NPIs) taken to suppress and/or mitigate the pandemic within these countries at the early stages of its Download

      Nidal M. Hussein, Mohammed Assaf and Sohib Abohussein, " Application of sentinel 2 to evaluate colored dissolved organic matter algorithms for inland water bodies in Jordan " , "9th Jordan International Chemical Engineering Conference (JICHEC9)",Vol.2021,No., JEA, Amman - Jordan, 10/12/2021 Abstract:
      The purpose of this article is to investigate the possibility of employing Multispectral water. CDOM can be defined as an essential indicator of water quality as it has a key role in biogeochemical processing. This study held in three important Jordanian dams. Mujib, Wadi Al Arab, and lastly King Ta Download
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