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Name : Yaser Hamshari

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 9238       Ext No 9238

Email :

Specialization: Accounting

Graduate Of: poona

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  • Journal Paper

      د.عبدالله نزال و د.ي, " محددات الهندسة المالية " , "محددات الهندسة المالية",Vol.,No., , الجزائر, 01/24/2012

      yaser mohd hamshari, " The Effect of the Relationship Between Cash Flows from Operating Activities and Earnings per Share in Jordan " , "International Journal of Financial Research",Vol.11,No., Sciedu Press, Canada, 07/01/2020 Abstract:
      The study assumes that there is a relationship between the cash flows from the operational activity and the earnings per share. The companies listed on the Amman Stock Exchange have been studied, including the banking sector, the insurance companies sector, and the service sector (education sector).

      Mohammad Ahmad Alqam- Yaser Mohd Hamshari, " FACTORS AFFECTING ENHANCING CONFIDENCE BETWEEN TAXPAYERS AND INCOME AND SALES TAX AUDITORS IN JORDAN " , "Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal",Vol.24,No., Allied Business Academies, UK, 08/01/2020 Abstract:
      The escalating dependence of countries on tax revenues, highlighted the importance of rising up the awareness of taxpayers of the importance of the tax they pay to the state as a major resource of the state’s revenues in financing its projects and economic and social plans to serve the different

      Yaser Mohd Hamshari, Mohammad Ahmad Alqam, Haitham Yousef Ali, , " IMPACT OF LEVERAGE: THE RISKS TO THE LISTED INDUSTRIAL JOINT STOCK COMPANIES IN JORDAN STOCK EXCHANGE " , " Academy of Strategic Management Journal",Vol.19,No., Allied Business Academies, UK, 08/30/2020 Abstract:
      This study aims to identify the impact of leverage and its risks to the listed Industrial joint stock companies in Amman Stock Exchange. Through studying the rate of Return on equity, assets, and sales, in addition to the market value of the companies, to determine which is more affected by the l

      Mohammad Ahmad Alqam1, Haitham Yousef Ali1 & Yaser Mohd Hamshari1, " The Relative Importance of Financial Ratios in Making Investment and Credit Decisions in Jordan " , "International Journal of Financial Research",Vol.12,No., Sciedu Press, Canada, 04/01/2021 Abstract:
      This study has aimed to demonstrate the relative importance of financial analysis using ratios for each of lenders and investors in Jordan when making decision. Also; this study, included the financial ratios that could be adopted by decision makers in the industry (area) of lending or investment.

      Yaser Mohd Hamshari -Haitham Yousef Ali -Mohammad Ahmad Alqam, " The Relationship of Professional Skepticism to the Risks of Auditing and Internal Control, and the Discovery of Fraud and Core Errors in the Financial Statements in Jordan " , "Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies,",Vol.10,No., Richtmann Publishing, Italy, 01/03/2021 Abstract:
      The study aims to know the relationship between the professional skepticism of the auditor and the discovery of fraud and errors in the financial statements, as the auditor's practice of professional skepticism enhances his ability to issue a neutral technical opinion about the fairness of financial

  • Conference paper

      د.عبدالله نزال و د.ي, " تنميط العمليات المحاسبية المصرفية الإسلامية " , "تنميط العمليات المحاسبية المصرفية الإسلامية",Vol.,No., مؤتمر جامعة الزرقاء, المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية, 03/15/2011
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