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Name : Basmah Othman

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 402       Ext No 8402

Email :

Specialization: PhD in nanomedicine

Graduate Of: Imperial College London






    university of Petra
    Imperial College London
    United Kingdom

Imperial College London, Department of materials, London.

Teaching Fellow


Ø  Teaching MSE 102 Chemistry and biology course for first year material students (163 students).

In this course, the students learn to relate the mechanical properties of living tissues to their compositions.

They learn for example the basis of biomineralization in human bones and how bone’s structural hierarchy

determines its mechanical properties. This enables the students to think of the design criteria for biomimetics

and prosthetic devices, and to realize the most important problems with current implants.

Ø   Teaching MSE 417 Advanced Biomaterials course for fourth year material and biomedical

engineering students (60 students): In this course I covered the subjects related to nanomaterials-tissue

interactions and wear in hip implants. I also discussed nanotoxicology, nanomedicine (with focus on the

application of nanotechnology in oncology), targeting of therapeutic nanoparticles and tools used to

evaluate nanomaterials-tissue interactions, which included optical, confocal and electron microscopy.

Ø  Preparation of exam questions.

Ø  Interactive tutorials.

Imperial College London, Department of materials, London.

Lab super demonstrator


Ø  Ensure safety in the undergraduate labs.

Ø  Ensure attendance of lab demonstrators and students.

Ø  Advice regarding lab experiments.

Imperial College London, Department of materials, London.

PhD student

Pharmaceutical Technology for Research and Development Company, Amman, Jordan.

Research and Development Manager


Ø  Developing herbal pharmaceutical preparations,

Ø  Developing analytical methods for QC purposes for established herbal dosage forms using

colorimetric and HPLC methods,

Ø  Training new staff on HPLC,

Ø  Managing five persons.

Petra University, Amman, Jordan

Teaching assistant


Ø  Tutorial sessions in pharmacokinetics and physical pharmacy,

Ø  Instructing and giving tutorial laboratory sessions in Physical Pharmacy, Dispensing,

Industrial Pharmacy (which involved preparation of different pharmaceutical  dosage forms) and Cosmetics,

Ø  Developing laboratory manuals,

Ø  Marking lab reports,

Ø  Arranging seminars held at the Faculty,

Ø  Setting exams dates for all courses of the faculty,

Ø   Marking exams,

Ø  Small group discussions and tutorials.

Seba- Med products/Al-Salasel Al Dahabieh, Amman, Jordan.

Medical Representative


Ø  Regular calls to physicians,

Ø  Market planning,

Ø  Developing fliers for company products.



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