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Name : Omar Fayez Atari

Academic Rank: Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 6230       Ext No 6230

Email :

Specialization: English Language and literature

Graduate Of: Georgetown University






    Georgetown University
    United States of America

  • Journal Paper

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  • Chapter in a Book

      Omar F. Atari, " Political TV Interview: Sibastian Interview with an Arab: A Venue for Reconciliation or Discord " , "Intercultural Communication with Arabs",Vol.,No., Springer, Sharjah, UAE, 03/01/2015

      Omar F. Atari, " L2 Reading Comprehension in an undergraduate Translator Training Program " , "Issues in Translation",Vol.,No., National University and the Jordanian Translators' Association Publication, Irbid, Jordan, 04/01/1998

  • Conference paper

      Omar F. Atari, " The Adaptations of Texts in Translation: A Blessing or a Threat " , "Proceedings of the First International Conference at the College of Arts and Social Sciences: The Knowledge Society",Vol.,No., Sultan Qaboos University Academic Publishing, Muscat, Oman, 12/02/2007

      Omar F. Atari, " Oral Style Strategies in EFL Written Discourse: Implications for Teaching College Composition " , "the Proceedings of the 3rd annual linguistics Conference",Vol.,No., Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan, 04/15/1984
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