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Name : Matar Nasim

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 9104       Ext No 9104

Email :

Specialization: Software Engineering

Graduate Of: Anglia Ruskin University

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    Applied Science University
    Red Sea University
    Anglia Ruskin University
    United Kingdom

Sep 2015 – Ongoing

Assistant Professor




Faculty of Administration and Financial Sciences

E-Business Department

Main Duties and  Responsibilities Include:

·      Giving lectures for different department (MIS, E-Business)

·      Giving Courses on E-Learning – Content Creation



Sep-2014 – Sep 2015

Assistant Professor




Faculty of Information Technology –Software Engineering Department

Main Duties and  Responsibilities Include:

·      Giving lectures from different department (CS, CIS, SE)

·      Head of E-Learning committee of the IT College


Aug 2010 – Sep 2014

Assistant Professor & Head of E-Learning Centre at Zarqa University



Faculty of Information Technology

Internet Technologies Department


Main Duties and  Responsibilities Include:

·      Manage the e-learning staff working in the centre.

·      Identify suitable learning programs to meet student needs.

·      Review and develop learning programs in conjunction with University lecturers/external program suppliers.

·      Ensure that University teaching staffs are trained to use the e-learning system in order to upload content, etc.

·      Ensure that the e-learning system is up to date and capable to deal with student load.

·      Review e-learning system modules ensuring that they are functional, practical and up to date.

·      Working closely with technical developers of the system to ensure requirements laid down are reflected in the online system.

·      Ensure present and future IT equipment requirements are planned and coasted effectively.

·      Ensure learning resources and equipment is available to support blended programs.

·      Identify and ensure key operational aspects are effectively monitored and quality is continually improving.

·      Identify, plan and manage changes which affect the e-learning centre.

·      Assist in the promotion and marketing of the e-learning centre programs.

·      Ensure that best practices are used in developing and delivering e-learning programs.


Main Achievements Include:

·      Running and supervising e-test sessions as a requirement level test for  3 main university subjects (Arabic, IT, English)

·      Training Zarqa University staff on different e-learning tools and systems such as:

Ø  Moodle (LCMS)

Ø  Camtasia Recording

Ø  Adobe(Primere CS 6.0 ,Adobe InDesign CS 6.0, Adobe Flash Cs 6.0)

Ø  Audacity for  Audio Recordings and Editing

Ø  FreeStudio

Ø  I- Pad Use in classroom settings

·      Running and supervising e-exams for different subjects in the university

·      Setting and unifying the standards for e-content creation and utilization  on LCMS

·      Setting Standards for assessing the contest of “Best E-Learning Course Developed in Zarqa University”

·      Preparing three sound insulation specialized rooms, for video and audio recording of e-courses

·      Preparing a Visual and auditory classroom for live video recording of lectures

·      Assisting different collages on creating their dedicated electronic magazines

·      IT College

Ø  Pharmacy College

·       Installing e-learning system for Zarqa University Schools that are part of the university administration and training their staff on the use of e-learning.

·      Setting partnership program with different universities for sharing e-contents such as

Ø  Jarash University

Ø  Middle East University

·      Giving consultancy services for different collages on how to create effective e-learning contents

·      Provided teacher based assessment on subject and university level

2011 – 2014


Working as the Director of E-Learning and E-Studies in Universal Knowledge Academy, that is located in UK and have a Jordanian Branch


The main duties include:

·    Preparing and designing e-courses for companies and local community

·    Designing e-content for different courses either as Higher education level or K12 level

·    Working the Union of Arab University on providing education and workshops on the use of e-learning



10/2011 – 1/2/2012

Assistant Professor



Part time Lecturer

Main duties and responsibilities included:

·       Lecturing on Management Information System



12/2009 – 6/2010


Post Doctorate researcher at the Faculty of Science & Technology


Main duties and responsibilities included:

·      Conduction of scientific and novel research in the following areas:

Ø  E-Learning Unified Approach

Ø  E-M-Government Framework for Congested Events

Ø  Enhancing E-Commerce System Strategies towards the Middle East Region.

·      Assisting research team consisting of Research PhD students on the above areas.

·      Review and editing of the team’s scientific papers and research proposals.



12/2009 – 6/2010

IT & E-Learning Manager in KnowledgeWell Group co., UK - Chelmsford


08/2002 - 08/2009

Faculty Member (Lecturer) & E-Learning Administrator - Faculty of IT & MIS & CIS, Al Yamamah University, Saudi Arabia.


Main duties and responsibilities included:

·      Lecturing in different subjects for different faculties (IT & CIS & MIS)

·      Administrating the e-Learning centre

·      Giving specialized courses on e-learning for faculty members.

·      Giving specialized courses for using computer skills towards administrators

·      Member of the Curricula development committee for IT courses (Depole University)

·      Supervising students training and research projects for different subjects.



10/2004 - 08/2005           

Head of E-Learning and Diploma Centre - Icon Global Inc., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Main duties and responsibilities included:

·      Planning and supervising the e-learning portal activities in the centre

·      Planning and supervising the electronic content development

·      Assisting in setting Marketing strategies with marketing department

·      Giving specialized courses for managers of Saudi Telecom for project management courses



7/2002 - 09/2004

Teaching and Research Assistant - Hashemite University - Information Technology Faculty,

                Zarqa, Jordan


Main duties and responsibilities included:

·      Lecturing in different subject for IT Faculty

·      Head of E-Exam centre

·      Supervising Students “Multimedia Club”



10/1999 – 6 /2002

Faculty Member - Intermediate University College - IT Department, Amman, Jordan.


Main duties and responsibilities included:

·      Teaching different subjects

·      Elected as a member of the Board Committee

·      Participated as member in defining the diploma curricula

·      Giving courses for faculty members in different colleges

·      Supervising Al-Shamel examination in different colleges

·      Participating in Al-Shamel examination correction



  • Journal Paper

      Nasim Matar, " Faculty Approach Toward E-learning Using Social Media and Mobile Devices: Outlining Advantages and Concerns " , "International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering ",Vol.5,No.4, International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering , India, 10/25/2015 Abstract:
      this study is concerned with faculty approach towards incorporating social media and mobile technology in learning. Different solutions have been provided for embedding educational technologies within educational context, and many tools are providing different services for managing students and learning process. The use of social media and mobile technology as a newly adopted technology are shifting the concern and use from traditional learning content and management systems (LCMS) to a more flexible and wider social and mobile platform. This study seeks to identify the current status and challenges of adopting social media and mobile technologies by faculty members in Jordanian universities. The findings of this research study are believed to help in considering the use and incorporation of social media , web technologies and policies in future consideration within educational context.

      Nasim Matar, " Evaluating E-Learning System Use by CBAM-Stages of Concern Methodology in Jordanian Universities " , "The World of Computer Science and Information Technology Journal (WSCIT).",Vol.5,No.4, The World of Computer Science and Information Technology Journal (WSCIT)., USA, 01/01/2015 Abstract:
      This paper presents the use of a new approach towards evaluating the use of e-learning system by faculty members in Jordanian universities. Evaluating the use of any system is aimed towards providing a better understanding for the needs, challenges and opportunities that are expected from using such systems. E-learning as a supportive method for education in Jordanian universities has been available since 2003 [1]. Different studies have provided an assessment for the use of e-learning in Jordan using different tools many of which have been found unstandardized tool for performing the evaluation. Some of those tools managed to give significant results, while others lacked the systematic approach and the use of appropriate methodology. The Concern Based Adoption Model (CBAM) Framework has been created in order to provide 3 different tools to assess the use of innovation tools used within educational context. CBAM framework is widely used in America, Canada and parts of Europe, and this tool has not been used in any research related to Jordan or e-learning in Jordanian universities. This study is the first study to use and provide valuable outputs for assessing the use of e-learning in Jordanian Universities.

      Nasim Matar, " Evaluating E-portfolio System Use within Educational Context " , "The World of Computer Science and Information Technology Journal (WSCIT)",Vol.5,No.3, The World of Computer Science and Information Technology Journal (WSCIT), USA, 09/08/2015 Abstract:
      This paper presents a new approach for setting criteria towards evaluating e-portfolio use within educational context. The urge for considering e-portfolio systems in current educational context is becoming more vivid, as many systems are developed to address the need for gathering artifact used within educational context. The wide development of web 2.0 technologies has given the opportunities for many e-portfolio systems to emerge and provide different services and functionalities that are used for different aims and objectives that are not related to educational use. The need for differentiating the offered services and functionalities is becoming necessity as different educational establishments have been found using e-portfolios that are not designed for educational purposes. This study, managed to present six different e-portfolio systems that are found suitable for educational purposes, and have set the criteria for differentiations that will present the most suitable e-portfolio system within educational context. Those same criteria can be used with any newly designed e-portfolio system, and they can be looked at as a guide map for selecting the most appropriate e-portfolio system.

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  • Chapter in a Book

      • , (2016), , Book Title - Latest Trends of E-Systems: concept, development and application, .

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