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Name : Ahmad Al-Kotob

Academic Rank: Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 06205       Ext No 6205

Email :

Specialization: English Language and Literature

Graduate Of: United Kingdom/University of Leeds






    University of Leeds
    United Kingdom
    University of Reading
    United Kingdom
    United Kingdom/University of Leeds
    United Kingdom

  • Book

      Ahmad Kotob and Fuad, " English for Agriculture " , "English for Agriculture",Vol.,No., University of U.A.E, Al- Ain, U.A.E, 09/02/1991

      Ahmad Kotob and Isma, " English for Arts " , "English for Arts",Vol.,No., University of U.A.E, Al- Ain, U.A.E, 11/04/1991

      Ed. Ahmad Kotob, " English for Economics and Administrative Sciences " , "English for Economics and Administrative Sciences",Vol.,No., University of the United Arab Emirates, Al- Ain, U.A.E, 04/20/1992

      Ahmad Kotob and M.Hu, " English for Education " , "English for Education",Vol.,No., University of the United Arab Emirates, Al- Ain, U.A.E, 09/02/1991

      Ahmad Kotob, " English for Engineering and Architecture " , "English for Engineering and Architecture",Vol.,No., University of the United Arab Emirates, Al- Ain, U.A.E, 02/03/1992

      Ahmad Kotob, " English for Science " , "English for Science",Vol.,No., University of the United Arab Emirates, Al- Ain, UAE, 02/24/1992

      Ahmad Kotob, " English for Shari'ah and Law " , "English for Shari'ah and Law",Vol.,No., University of the United Arab Emirates , Al- Ain, UAE, 03/16/1992

      Ahmad Kotob, " English for U.A.E " , "English for U.A.E 9 vols",Vol.,No., Dubai, Ministry of Education, Dubai, UAE, 02/05/1990

  • Journal Paper

      Prof. Ahmad Kotob, a, " A Study of Isolation As a Socio- Political Problem in Selected Plays by Harold Pinter " , "Aleppo University Research Journal",Vol.73,No., Aleppo University , Aleppo, Syria, 04/03/2011

      Ahmad Kotob, " Malapropism: Its Origin and Development " , "Aleppo University Research Journal",Vol.,No., , Aleppo, Syria, 02/12/2002

      Ahmad Kotob, M Etaki, " A Linguistic Analysis of Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett " , "Aleppo University Research Journal",Vol.34,No., Aleppo University, Aleppo, Syria, 06/10/1999

      Ahmad Kotob, N.Jarka, " In Search of a Style for Verse Drama: Eliot's Efforts to Shape a New Verse Medium " , "Aleppo University Research Journal",Vol.33,No., AleppoUniversity, Aleppo, Syria, 06/15/1998

      Ahmad Kotob, " The Teaching of English Present Progressive in the Syrian School System " , "Aleppo University Research Journal",Vol.10,No., Aleppo University, Aleppo, Syria, 01/07/1987

      Ahmad Kotob, " A Comparative Study of Some Directives in English and Arabic " , "CALS",Vol.,No., University of Reading, Reading, United Kingdom, 03/05/1984

  • Chapter in a Book

      Ahmad Kotob, " The ILiad " , "Arab Encyclopaedia",Vol.,No., The Presidency of Syrian Arab Republic, Damascus, Syria, 03/14/2000

      Ahmad Kotob, " Roberts Burns: His Life & Work " , "Arab Encyclopaedia",Vol.,No., The Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic, Damascus, Syria, 01/18/1998

  • Conference paper

      Ahmad Kotob, " EAP in the EFL Classroom " , "5th Symposium on English Language Teaching",Vol.,No., University of Aleppo, Aleppo, Syria, 10/13/2008

      Ahma Kotob, " A Proposed Model for ESP Materials for Undergraduate Speakers of Other Languages " , "International Conference on Language Teaching",Vol.,No., Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran, 02/12/2007

      Ahma Kotob, " The Cultural Basis of English As an International Language " , "2nd Symposium on Language and Culture ",Vol.,No., Aleppo University, Aleppo, Syria, 10/04/2004

      Ahmad Kotob, " Campus English: A Study Skills Approach " , "ELAC 10th Symposium",Vol.,No., Aleppo University, Aleppo, Syria, 10/16/2000

      Ahmad Kotob, " Effective Student Essays on Literary Topics " , "ELAC 9th Symposium ",Vol.,No., Aleppo University, Aleppo, Syria, 10/05/1999

      Ahmad Kotob, " Upgrading the General English Curriculum " , "University General English Symposium Proceedings",Vol.,No., The Ministry of Higher Education, Damascus, Syria, 04/08/1996

      Ahmad Kotob, " Susan Glaspell's Trifles: An Early Feminist Play " , "Women's Literature Symposium",Vol.,No., University of Damascus, Syria, Damascus, Syria, 02/07/1995

      Ahmad Kotob, " Communicative Teaching Stategies: Some Proposals for English for U.A.E " , "Zayed AL- Awwal, Al- Ain",Vol.,No., Zayed Al- Awwal, Al- Ain, Al- Ain, U.A.E, 01/05/1993

      Ahmad Kotob, " Literature in the Global Age EFL Classroom " , "Cairo, CDELT",Vol.,No., Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, 03/15/1993

      Ahmad Kotob, " The ESP Project at the University of United Arab Emirates " , "Cairo, CDELT",Vol.,No., Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, 03/30/1992

  • Doctoral Dissertation

      Ahmad Yasin Kotob, " A Critical Edition of Four Tragedies by John Banks " , "",Vol.,No., , , 01/29/1982

  • Master Thesis

      Ahmad Kotob, " A Critical Edition of Poems (1833) by Hartley Coleridge " , "",Vol.,No., , Leeds, United Kingdom, 12/19/1973

      Ahmad Kotob, " A Survey of Speech Acts in Arabic " , "",Vol.,No., , Reading, United Kingdom,, 09/04/1984
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